Stephen Boss' Depression

People are curious to know if Stephen “tWitch” Boss suffered from depression after the news of his suicide broke out.

Stephen “tWitch” Boss, a well-known dancer and DJ, passed away on Wednesday, shocking Hollywood and the United States.

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Stephen’s wife confirmed in a statement that he passed away at 40. He was a well-liked dancing DJ on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and a former contestant on “So You Think You Can Dance.”

The ninth wedding anniversary of Stephen and Allison had just passed. Daughter Weslie, son Maddox, and daughter Zaia are their children.

Stephen Boss’ Depression: When Did It All Start?

Stephen’s wife, Allison, said he didn’t show any signs of depression.

Holker told E! News that she had to share that her husband Stephen has left them. She revealed that Stephen revealed every room he stepped into. 

Stephen Boss Suicide
Ellen DeGeneres paid tribute to Stephen (Source: Twitter)

Boss valued family, friends, and community above all else, and leading with love and the light was everything to him. She further added that he was the backbone of their family, the best husband and Father, and an inspiration to his fans.

Stephen Boss once gave a speech about overcoming obstacles. Five years before he tragically committed suicide, he delivered an encouraging message about overcoming challenges.

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He claimed that occasionally, people would make choices that don’t turn out to be the best. He just finds solace in the fact that it always continues. Additionally, he said that even when something appears to be extremely devastating, some sort of force will continue to exist.

Stephen Boss ***** By Suicide: What Happened?

The tragic ***** of dancer Stephen Boss, also known as “tWitch,” whose body was discovered in a motel room about a mile from his Los Angeles mansion, has received more information.

Boss died by suicide, according to a representative who spoke to N.B.C. News; Holker did not address the cause of *****. Additional information was withheld for a time, and N.B.C. News contacted the coroner and Los Angeles Police Department for comments.

Stephen Boss Suicid
Stephen Boss killed himself (Source: Twitter)

The 40-year-old former DJ for the Ellen DeGeneres Show passed away from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, according to TMZ.

Stephen checked into the Oak Tree Inn motel on Monday morning, the same day he left his home on foot, according to sources with firsthand knowledge who spoke to TMZ.

After he didn’t leave on Tuesday, a maid discovered his body in the bathroom.

There are no indications of “foul play,” an LAPD spokesman told in Stephen’s untimely demise.

Stephen Boss Mental Health Before He Killed Himself

According to employees at the motel, Stephen checked in under his real name without showing any signs of distress or being visibly upset. He only reserved the room for one night and only carried a small bag.

On Tuesday, when Stephen didn’t come home, his anxious wife, Allison Holker, hurried into a nearby LAPD station to report him missing. Tuesday around 11:15 am, Police responded to a 911 call made from the hotel. His House is roughly a 15-minute walk from the motel.

No one heard gunfire during his stay at the motel; staff members told TMZ. After he didn’t leave on Tuesday, a maid discovered his body in the bathroom.

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From 2014 until the show’s cancellation in 2022, Stephen was best known for his work as the DJ for the Ellen DeGeneres Show. In 2022, he was promoted to Executive producer of the program, receiving a sizable pay increase.

After the show was canceled and he could not find another well-paying job, his life went out of control.

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