Steve Bannon Religion

Steve Bannon religion has grabbed significant public attention. Find out more about the politician’s religious view and faith below. 

Steve Bannon is an American political strategist, media executive and former investment banker. During the first seven months of Donald Trump’s presidency, he worked as the White House’s chief strategist.

The Norfolk native formerly held the position of executive chairman of Breitbart News. Steve is also a former board member of the data analytics company Cambridge Analytica (now defunct).

The former US Navy officer spent two years as an investment banker at Goldman Sachs after serving in the military.

Besides his professional career, many people are curious to find out more about the media executive’s personal life, including his religious belief. 

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Steve Bannon Religion: Is He Christian Or Jewish?

In an interview with Bloomberg News (2015), Steve Bannon disclosed that he was raised in a blue-collar, Irish Catholic, pro-union, pro-Kennedy family of Democrats.

Steve Bannon Religion
Renowned American politician Steve Bannon hails from an Irish Roman Catholic background. (Image Source: CNN)

Growing up, the politician went to Catholic schools. As a young boy, he attended mass with his parents and siblings.

According to Bannon’s biography written by Joshua Green, while working as a US Navy officer, Bannon flirted with other religions. He briefly practiced Buddhism.

However, the political strategist eventually returned to the Catholic faith. In a talk with Washington Post, Green said that he believes Steve’s politics is driven more by his religious views. 

Green noted that the politician considers himself a practicing Catholic. “He has been captivated by this idea that the world is in decline,” Green explained and further added “which appears to be partly rooted in some medieval variant of Catholicism.” 

Furthermore, Bannon suggested and wrote the script for the documentary “Destroying the Great Satan: The Rise of Islamic Fascism in America” in 2007.

According to the movie’s narrative, Muslims attempted to take over America.

In 2010, the political strategist said Islam isn’t a religion of peace. He added that Islam is a subservient faith.

Additionally, the political strategist criticized former US President George W. Bush for referring to them as a religion of peace.

As per Bannon, modern-day “Islam” is “something much darker” than Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. He also stated, “If you’re Sharia-compliant, we don’t want you here.”

Moreover, he accused American newspapers of being Sharia-compliant. Also, Steve said the European elites allowed an Islamic invasion to take place.

Steve Bannon Family Ethnicity

Steve Bannon was born Stephen Kevin Bannon on 27 November 1953. He is a native of Norfolk, Virginia. The former investment banker was welcomed by his parents, Doris and Martin J. Bannon Jr.

Steve Bannon Religion
American political strategist Steve Bannon was born in Norfolk, Virginia. (Image Source: NBC News)

While his mom was a devoted homemaker, his dad worked as an AT&T telephone lineman and middle manager. Regarding Bannon’s ethnicity, he is of Irish and German descent.

The 70-year-old is a graduate of Benedictine College Preparatory, which is a Catholic, private, military high school in Virginia.

Afterward, he went to Virginia Tech. Steve served as the student government association president during his days at the institution.

Bannon holds a degree in urban planning from the Virginia Tech College of Architecture and Urban Studies. The politician has also earned a master’s degree in national security studies from Georgetown Univerity School of Foreign Service.

In 1985, Steve went on to earn an MBA degree with honors from Harvard Business School.

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