British stunt man, comedian, and television personality Steve-O’s net worth is $4 million.

He is certainly a celebrity that has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry.

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The media personality gained massive popularity mainly for his antics in the Jackass franchise.

Steve-O (Source: People)

Although Steve has had respected jobs in the industry, he is also famous for doing daring and sometimes morally questionable pranks and stunts.

Besides the movie industry, he has found success in music and comedy acts as well.

Also, Steve appeared in Jackass Forever in 2022, along with Tony Hawk and Bam Margera.

Moreover, Steve-O has voiced characters in several video games.

Steve-O | Quick Facts

Let us have a look at Steve-O’s life.

Full Name Stephen Gilchrist Glover
Nickname Steve-O, Hurricane Steve, Rocky, Gilly
Net Worth $4 Million
Date of Birth 13 June 1974
Age [calculate_years datestring=”06/13/1974″] Years Old
Birth Place Wimbledon, London, England
Citizenship UK, US, Canada
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Height 5’9″ ( 177 cm)
Weight 75 kg (165 lbs.)
Shoe Size 46 (EU)
Eye Color Light Brown
Hair Color Black
Occupation Comedian, Stunt Performer, YouTuber, Screenwriter, Radio personality, Rapper, Producer
Father’s Name Ted Glover
Mother’s Name Donna Gay Glover
Siblings 1
Sibling Name Cindy Glover
Marital Status Unmarried
Spouse/ Partner Brittany Mcgraw (m. 2006 – 2008)

Lux Wright (fiancé)

Sexual Orientation Straight
Children No children
Ethnicity Mixed
Education The University of New Mexico
TV Shows Dr. Steve-O, Wildboyz, The Dudesons, Happy Together, Killer Karaoke, Dancing with the Stars
Movies Jackass Forever, Don’t Try This at Home, Steve-O: Gnarly, Steve-O: Demise and Rise, The Dudesons Movie.
Awards MTV Movie Awards Nominee
Years Active 1997 – Present
Merch Signed Jackass Poster, Tony Hawk, and Steve-O Skating
Social Media FacebookInstagramTwitter, YouTube
Last Updated [current-month] [current-year]

Steve-O | Net Worth and Income

Steve-O’s net worth is a staggering $4 million, as of [current-month] [current-year].

The television personality managed to earn a huge fortune through his career in television and films.

Steve’s most successful film has to be Jackass: The Movie. Before making the movie, Jackass spawned several spin-offs and sequels.

Likewise, his movie grossed more than $80 million at the worldwide box office. The film was made on a mere $5 million budget.

Similarly, the Jackass sequel grossed not less than $85 million worldwide. Also, the film was made on just an $11.5 million budget.

Additionally, the third Jackass movie grossed more than $172 million, which was made on a $20 million budget.

It is safe to assume that Steve-O has earned millions from the entire Jackass film franchise.

However, Steve-O’s net worth declined due to bad influence in his personal life. His dark days sent him into a downward spiral, leading him to heavily rely on drugs and alcohol.

Moreover, Steve had a habit of breaking laws due to his substance abuse. He had been arrested for multiple charges, which definitely required large money for bail.

For example, Steve was jailed in Sweden during his Europe tour with Bam Margera. He brought drugs across Europe’s border, which is a serious crime.

Furthermore, he was frequently kicked off live TV broadcasts because of his intoxicated behavior.

He was even misdiagnosed with a rare heart condition which increased his medical bills, decreasing his fortune.

Steve-O’s net worth once exceeded $4 million.

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Other Ventures

Steve also earns from several sponsorships and endorsements.

He has his own merchandise by his name, Steve-O.

Besides, Steve has a YouTube channel where he shares videos of different stunts and pranks. His channel has more than 6 million subscribers as of this writing.

He has released many semi-successful rap albums as well.

What’s more, Steve-O released an autobiography titled Professional Idiot: A Memoir.

Steve-O’s book gives the inside story of his journey through stardom, including his choice to become a staunch vegan and an animal rights activist.

Steve-O Net Worth in Different Currencies

Let us see what Steve-O’s net worth is in different currencies.

Currency Net Worth
Euro € 3,586,520
Pound Sterling £ 3,039,780
Australian Dollar A$ 5,325,000
Canadian Dollar C$ 4,992,200
Indian Rupee ₹ 303,322,000
BitCoin ฿ 84.53

Steve-O | Houses & Cars

Jackass star Steve could afford several luxurious houses with his large fortune. Currently, Steve-O’s net worth sits at $4 million.

He owns a lavish house in Los Angeles. He purchased this house in Hollywood Hills off Beachwood Canyon for nearly $1,149,000, according to Variety.

Steve-O Net Worth Steve-O-house
Steve-O’s House (Image Source: Variety)

Likewise, the property has outstanding features, including a high fence security entry gate, an overlapping roofline, and a two-car parking garage.

Moreover, Steve purchased this house in the area for his convenience.


Steve-O has several cars in his garage. He has owned numerous vehicles over the years.

Among many, Steve-O’s favorite car is his Nissan Versa. This 2009 model is his daily driver. Also, the car price starts at $15,080.

Similarly, the first car he purchased was the 1990 Mercury Grand Marquis.

Besides, the Jackass star learned to drive in a 1991 Ford Tempo.

Furthermore, Steve-O’s favorite road trips include a trip from Florida to California.

He even likes to rent expensive cars rather than buy them personally. This technique also helps him save money.

Steve-O | Lifestyle, and Vacations


Stephen Gilchrist Glover, aka Steve-O, was born on 13 June 1974 in London, England. His father is of English and American roots, while his mother is Canadian.

Steve grew up in Brazil, learning new cultures and languages. His first language was Portuguese, and he later learned Spanish when he moved to Venezuela with his parents.

Due to his father’s frequent traveling as a part of his job, Steve O attended several schools. He went to an English high school in London for four years.

Likewise, Steve joined the University of Miami after high school.

However, he dropped college and chose to go to clown school instead. There he filmed various stunts and worked professionally as a clown.

Steve-O Net Worth- Steve-O and His Partner
Steve-O and His Partner (Source: Us Weekly)

Moreover, Steve was admitted to a hospital in 2008 for 14 days. He was held because of his suicidal behavior.

He even went to a rehabilitation program and mental institution. Later, Steve confessed that his drug use caused many mental health issues.

Talking about his relationships, Steve-O is engaged with Lux Wright. Also, the couple seems very happy together.


The reality TV star Steve-O seems fond of going on vacations. He has traveled to several locations worldwide, including various countries in Europe.

Also, Steve has traveled to Australia for his comedy acts.

Likewise, Steve-O gets to travel to several places as a part of his job in television shows.

For example, one series featured Steve to travel around the world, experiencing distinct cultures.

Strictly speaking, Steve seems to enjoy his vacation and job, which includes filming abroad.

Steve-O | Charity

Generous Steve is famous for his charitable deed to needy ones. He has done several charities and participated in many fund-raising events.

Likewise, the stuntman is an animal rights activist. He is completely vegan and has done several free ads for PETA.

Also, Steve donated $50,000 to the Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation in 2020.

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Steve-O | Television, and Film

Steve-O drew the attention of television producers by sending his stunt tapes regularly to skateboarding magazine Big Brother.

Steve-O Net Worth- Steve-O
Half Naked Steve-O Flaunting His Tattoo (Source: Men’s Health)

Finally, Jeff Tremaine, director of Jackass, saw his potential, and Steve joined the castmate of MTV’s Jackass reality series.

He quickly became a fan favorite and also reappeared in future projects of the Jackass franchise.

Besides, Steve has worked on numerous solo projects, including his first solo DVD, Don’t Try This At Home, in 2001.

Likewise, Steve-O’s popular project includes Jackass spin-off WildBoyz.

He even appeared in a show that is titled by his name, Dr. Steve O. In the show, he paired with numerous guests to make them less afraid of certain things.

His other notable stunt mention includes his participation in CKY (Camp Kill Yourself).

Similarly, Steve appeared in the high-octane comedy Jackass Forever in February 2022.

Steve-O | Career

TV personality Steve-O started his early career as a comedian and stuntman.

He also joined YouTube and has a channel named Steve O. The guy shares his various stunt, pranks, and numerous other content on his YouTube channel.

Steve-O started his official stand-up comedy act in 2010. He toured the United States as well for his comedy acts.

Likewise, he announced his second tour in 2011.

After completing his second tour, Steve O performed his numerous comedy skits on stage across major cities in Australia. Also, Steve released his first comedy special in 2016.

Moreover, he has dabbled in music, mainly rap music, and started his own music label.

Additionally, he has worked in various radio station shows.

Three Facts About Steve-O

  • Steve-O’s father worked for Pepsi Cola. His father even became president of Pepsi Cola in South America.
  • He got his nickname “Steve-O” from his drunk friends. Steve with his friends used to get drunk, and his friends used to scream drunkenly, ‘Steve O’ to him. Hence, he got this name.
  • Steve O shared in a US magazine interview that he and Lux had no plans to have children. He told this while promoting Jackass Forever in February 2022.


Is Steve-O an animal lover?

Yes, he and his fiancé are animal lovers, and both want to help animals. Likewise, the couple has plans to buy a huge property to open an animal sanctuary.

Why is Steve-O’s voice different?

His voice is different than most people’s because he used a distinct throat muscle instead of his vocal cords to produce phonetic sounds. The whole thing is proven by a specialized throat doctor (medical professional) who inserted a camera into his throat.

Does Steve-O put his health at risk?

Yes, the actor is unafraid to risk his physical health purposefully to try some of the staggering tricks.

Does Steve-O have a successful career?

Yes, he has had a pretty successful career, although Steve had to go through certain dark moments in his life. Likewise, Steve-O’s net worth sits at $4 million as of [current-month] [current-year].

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