Steve Wilkos Wife Cancer

Steve Wilkos wife cancer: Rachelle Wilkos was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago. Thankfully, she won the battle against the disease after a year-long treatment and therapy.

Steve Wilkos is a household name in the American television world. He is best known for hosting The Steve Wilkos Show.

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In addition to being a prominent television personality, Steve is a former law enforcement officer with the Chicago Police Department and a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps.

Steve reacted to the ***** of famed TV host and his former mentor Jerry Springer, who died after losing a battle with cancer. Wilkos is not new to the nasty disease.

His wife, Rachelle Wilkos, battled cancer in the past. Let’s take a detailed look at Rachelle’s journey with cancer below.

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Steve Wilkos Wife Cancer: Rachelle Wilkos Illness And Health Update

Steve Wilkos wife, Rachelle Wilkos, was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago.

Steve Wilkos Wife Cancer
Steve Wilkos spouse, Rachelle, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2020. (Image Source: Instagram)

Following her diagnosis, she began her treatment at Stamford Hospital. Steve Wilkos’ wife underwent a double mastectomy and required chemotherapy.

Not to mention the medicines she needed to take, but Rachelle didn’t need radiotherapy. Rachelle’s husband was by her side during the time.

Steve had to look after his wife. At the same time, the television personality’s father-in-law was hospitalized due to a Covid-19 infection. Sadly, Rachelle’s father died.

Rachelle’s condition, on the other hand, continue to improve. She finished her treatment in March 2021. Finally, after a year-long treatment, Mrs. Wilkos became cancer free. Steve announced the news through an IG post.

As for her current health condition, Rachelle Wilkos is doing well and appears to be healthy. She celebrated her 52nd birthday on 11 January this year.

Steve Wilkos wished his lady love Happy Birthday through an Instagram post. The married duo has also traveled to different places. In August 2022, they went to Newport, Rhode Island and spent quality time away from their busy schedules.

Rachelle Wilkos Family Helped Get Through The Cancer

In an interview with News 12, Rachelle Wilkos said that her family helped get her through the cancer, and it was scary.

The wife of the celebrity TV host came forward to share her experience with breast cancer. She disclosed how regular mammography led to her diagnosis.

Steve Wilkos Wife Cancer
Rachelle said she was able to get through cancer battle due to her supportive family. (Image Source: Instagram)

She claimed that her situation may have been much worse without early discovery.

“You may believe that something won’t apply to you or that it won’t happen to you, but it does, and when I went in that day, I carried it out,” remarked Mrs Wilkos.

“I’m very happy that I did because, without it, I wouldn’t be able to care for my husband and kids, and by doing so, I also saved my own life,” she added.

Rachelle And Steve Wilkos Have Been Married Since 2000

Steve and Rachelle Wilkos tied the knot in 2000. Rachelle is the third wife of the talk show host.

He was formerly married to Rosae Wilkos and Hannah Wilkos. However, those unions couldn’t last long and ended in divorce.

Rachelle Wilkos, formerly Rachelle Consiglio, is the executive producer for her spouse’s and Jerry Springer’s show.

The Wilkos couple shares two children – Ruby Wilkos and Jack Wilkos. The television producer and host welcomed their first child, a daughter, in 2003. Their son, Jack, joined the family in 2005 as the youngest member.

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