Steven Montano Shot

Steven Montano shot officer Andres Vasquez Lasso on March 1, 2023. Read further about the arrest and charges faced by 18-year-old Steven. 

According to the Police, Vasquez-Lasso, who was 32 years old, was shot multiple times and immediately sent to Mount Sinai Medical Center.

But, he passed away the same night, the arrest got made following the incident, and people have been curious to learn more about the suspect. 

The hearing is scheduled for Friday; the investigation is ongoing, and more information might be revealed soon. 

Audiences following the news since the incident are more curious about the recent update.

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Steven Montano Shot Andres Vasquez Lasso, Chicago Police Officer 

When Chicago Police received a call reporting a man chasing a woman with a gun, Andres was one of the officers who responded to the scene.

Tragically, while carrying out his duties, the 18-year-old male suspect was shot and sent to Mount Sinai Medical Center, where doctors pronounced his death. 

Following the night, a large group of Police officers was present at the hospital, and they spent the whole night praying for his family. 

Officers from throughout the city gathered at Mount Sinai Hospital to mourn as news of the shooting spread.
Officers throughout the city gathered at Mount Sinai Hospital to mourn as news of the shooting spread. (Image Source: Block Club Chicago)

Later, his body was taken to the Cook County morgue on the West Side.

The shooter got arrested for two handguns after running from a stolen car that got wanted in a shooting.

The Policeman was married, and he had a young daughter. The family of three was living in Marquette Park, and they moved to the place just a year ago.

A neighbor, Sara Montemayor, of the Policeman, mentioned that she saw him with his family walking down their dogs a day before he got shot.

“We’re out here to pay our respects to our brother in blue,” said one of the officers who worked together. “He was always smiling,” the officer added.

The officer said they worked an earlier shift than Vasquez-Lasso and only knew him in passing but knew he was bright and on the rise.

18 Years Old Boy Arrested And Charged With Murder

The shooter, who got identified as Steven Montano, 18, was arrested. Although after being injured, the Police officer could shoot Montano in the head. 

Montano has been receiving medical attention in Stroger Hospital; he is in critical condition, per the Source.

The teenager has been charged with the murder of a Chicago Police Officer and multiple other counts stemming from Wednesday’s fatal shooting.

Montano is scheduled to appear in bond court on Friday, but it’s uncertain if he can attend due to his injuries. He is still getting medical attention at Stroger Hospital. 

An eyewitness, Maria Davila, said she was at her home, watching a movie, when the shooting occurred. 

Man charged in shooting death of Chicago police officer
Man charged in shooting death of Chicago Police officer. (Image Source: WGN-TV)

Looking out her window, she saw a man in the parking lot holding his chest and screaming while Vasquez-Lasso, the officer who was shot, was lying motionless closer to the playground.

Davila revealed that she heard the man on the ground shouting, “Shoot me, shoot me,” at another officer standing between him and Vasquez-Lasso.

Hopefully, no other people were harmed than the Police officer and the shooter. Kids were out in the playground when the shooting happened. 

Montano was previously arrested on a misdemeanor charge of obstructing or resisting a peace officer, but prosecutors eventually dismissed the charge.

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