Stormzy Song About Maya Jama

Stormzy sang about his regrets over how he treated his ex-girlfriend at the end of their relationship.

Heavy Is The Head is a Stormzy song about Maya Jama. The pair has been in a relationship for a long time.

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Michael Ebenezer Kwadjo Omari Owuo Jr. is professionally known as Stormzy. He is a renowned British rapper and singer, and songwriter.

With his Wicked Skengman series, the London native gained wide attention on the U.K. underground music scene.

Shut Up, Heavy Is The Head, Mel Made Me Do It, and This is What I Mean are some hit songs of the musician.

His music Shut Up became popular and peaked at number eight on the U.K. Singles Chart.

Moreover, his debut album, Gang Signs & Prayer, won the 2018  British Album of the Year and was the first grime album to reach no. one on the U.K. Albums Chart.

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Stormzy Song About Maya Jama- Publicly Apologised For Cheating On Her

Stormzy was in a relationship with Maya Jama for a long time. The former pair broke up in August 2019. They officially confirmed their separation.

The legendary musician used his album/ song to publicly apologize to Maya Jama a few months after the split.

Stormzy’s apology album Heavy Is The Head was released on 13 December 2019 and included a track named Lessons.

The singer sang about his regrets about how he treated his ex-girlfriend at the end of their relationship.

In addition, he admitted that he was disrespectful and inconsiderate towards Maya, a T.V. presenter and model.

The Lyrics in Lessons include, “I knew a woman more wonderful than a Disney one.”

The song’s second verse goes like this: “fast forward now; my nephew’s still asking for his Auntie Maya; guess this is the karma for what I did to Maya I just stood and let it burn.”

Stormzy Song About Maya Jama
Stormzy with his ex-girlfriend, Maya Jama. (Source: Vogue)

the last part of the song includes verses like “Greatest love I ever knew, I poured it down the drain” and “you gave me the world & then I gave you disrespect/ Hand on my heart, this is my biggest of regrets.”

Later in an interview, Stormzy shared that it was necessary to apologize publicly to fully acknowledge his role in the breakup.

He further added that he was trying to be truthful and straightforward in his truth and not trying to shy away from what he did.

Stormzy And Maya Jama Relationship Timeline

Stormzt and Maya first met one another in October 2014 at the Red Bull Culture Clash. The instantly smitten couple began dating in January 2015.

At that time, Maya Jama was an emerging T.V. presenter, and the rapper had achieved underground success.

The songwriter made an ultimate gesture by making a birthday song to Jama for her 22nd birthday as a surprise gift.

There were split rumors about the lovebirds in early 2018, but they denied the speculation and became closer. Later in March 2018, Stormzy and Maya moved in together and got a dog, Enzo.

The pair looked happy and content together. However, the smitten pair confirmed their break up on 13 August 2019.

Who Is Stormzy’s Ex-Girlfriend, Maya Jama

Maya Jama is a T.V./radio presenter and a D.J. The English television personality co-presented BBC One’s Peter Crouch: Save Our Summer.

Stormzy Song About Maya Jama
Stormzy and Maya Jama dated from 2015 to 2019. (Source: Instagram)

She was born on 14 August 1994 in Bristol. She is of Somali Descent on her dad’s side and Swedish on her mom’s side.

The renowned presenter moved to London to pursue her career in acting. But later, she realized it would suit her to be a presenter. Maya also has modeling credits.

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