Jermaine Boddiev Wikipedia

Jermaine Boddiev became a household name in the racing circuit following his appearance in the Discovery Channel series Street Outlaws. As a result, people are looking for Jermaine Boddiev Wikipedia to learn about him.

Street Outlaws, a reality television series, is Oklahoma City-based program that features street racers who claim to drive the nation’s fastest cars.

The cast of this show places a lot of importance on racing, and they’re not afraid to show it. One of the noteworthy Street Outlaws cast who rose to stardom while filming is Jermaine Boddiev.

Jermaine Boddiev, better known as Boddie among. Here is what you should learn about the Street Outlaws star, Boddie.

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Street Outlaws Jermaine Boddiev Wikipedia And Age

Street Outlaws star Jermaine Boddiev is a famous street racer and the owner of Team Boddie Racing. He literally lives and breathes cars for a living.

Boddie has been an integral part of the Street Outlaws universe since he initially attracted the Street Outlaws’ producer’s attention back in 2014 and has often demonstrated his technical prowess.

While the birth details of Jermaine Boddiev have not been made public, he appears to be in his late forties. Moreover, Jermaine was good at playing basketball at college. However, he was more into street racing.

Jermaine Boddiev Wikipedia
Jermaine Boddiev has been passionate about car racing since he was young. (Image Source: Distractify)

According to his personal website, he began Team Boddie Racing with the help of his father, uncle, and other family members in 2010. The turning point of the street racer’s career came after he bought a car, a 1963 Nova, in 2012.

Soon after, Boddieve became one of the top-rated drivers in street racing. With his extraordinary skills, the racer has left his mark on grudge race tracks all over the US, such as Nevada, Texas, and his home state California.

In 2014, the prominent street racer hosted his first annual grudge race. The same year, Boddie attracted the Street Outlaws’s producer attention and went on to appear in the show, where he represented California.

Shortly after his appearance on the Discovery Channel show, Boddie appeared in another street racing television show, House of Grudge. He raced against Birdman of Texas on the latter.

As a member of Team Cali, Boddie returned to the Street Outlaws 2017 Season Finale.

Jermaine Boddiev Family: Meet His Parents

Jermaine Boddiev was born to his father, Kenny Boddiev and his mother, whose name has not been made public. The street racer is the third youngest son of his parents.

Jermaine Boddiev Wikipedia
Jermaine Boddiev’s father, Kenny, is a former street racer. (Image Source: Distractify)

His dad was also reported to be a street racer who raced any car he got his hands on.

When Boddie was 22, his father, Kenny, gave him a famous 1968 black and blue Camaro, the last race car he ever owned. The street racer shares a close bond with his parents, siblings, and favorite uncle Ronnie.

Jermaine Boddiev Net Worth

Jermaine Boddiev’s net worth is reported to be at least $1 million.

As mentioned above, Jermaine is the owner of Team Boddie Racing. Besides his earnings from television shows, the Street Outlaws star appears to have amassed most of this fortune through his racing team.

Moreover, Boddie makes between $20K to $30K for starring in every Street Outlaws episode. Considering his endeavors, there is no doubt that the street racer has amassed a hefty sum throughout his career.

Let’s hope the renowned street racer will continue accomplishing great things and amassing more fortune.

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