Stunna Girl Dog Cage Kidnapping Case

Stunna Girl tattoo shows her evolution and where she came from. Since getting her first tattoo at 12, the musical artist has had several designs on different body parts.

Stunna Girl is a viral musical artist from Sacramento. The young rapper has garnered enormous fame with her musical prowess.

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Her massive fan following on social media shows the talented rapper’s popularity. She has over 316K followers on her Instagram. 

The 25-year-old rapper was sentenced to prison for various charges when she was 14. But where is she now? Today’s article is about the rapper’s whereabouts and her tattoo.

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Stunna Girl Tattoo Meaning And Design

The famous rapper Stunna Girl whose real name is Suzanne, has many tattoos on her body. Her tattoos are a representation of her evolution.

The Back In The Day hitmaker got her first tattoo when she was 12. She also has a rose and clock design on her neck to cover up a name. The musician explained that she had finished her prison sentence and was done with the past.

Stunna Girl Tattoo
Stunna Girl got her first tattoo when she was 12. (Image Source: Twitter)

“I am a rose that sprouted from the concrete,” Stunna Girl said in an interview. As the Tupac stanza says, the singer has overcome adversity to defy nature’s laws. Media has already witnessed her bloom gracefully.

Why Did Stunna Girl Went To Prison?

Stunna Girl got a prison sentence for several offenses, such as theft, fraud, and money laundering. When victims of her fraud reported the occurrences to the authorities, her criminal actions were made public.

The Runway hitmaker had been operating a sophisticated fraud operation for months, and as a result of her deeds, her victims had suffered considerable financial losses.

The judge presiding over her case considered her previous background, and she was ultimately given a prison sentence for her actions.

Apart from that, she is also known for the dog cage kidnapping case. According to unconfirmed rumors, the musical artist kidnapped a girl and put her in a dog cage in 2018. But there is a lot of confusion related to the case.

Where Is Musical Artist Now Jail Or Prison?

Stunna Girl has been passionate about music since she was young. She always had her eye on the prize. As a result, she didn’t let anything keep the viral musician away from her dream.

Stunna Girl Tattoo
Stunna Girl was imprisoned at 14 and served three years for various charges. (Image Source: Sound Cloud)

After she exited prison at 17, Suzanne’s time in prison inspired her to pursue a career in music and gave her a sense of direction. She represented an entire group of children who shared her problems while growing up in the neighborhood because of her incarceration.

Stunna Girl released her debut mixtape, “You Know What the Fuck Goin’ On,” in March 2019 when she hit her stride and became familiar with the business. Her most significant success to date is “Runway.”

The 25-year-old rapper has taken her time to make her music the best it can be and to give her followers a glimpse at every aspect of her. As a result, she has accomplished significant success.

Stunna’s intuition was spot on as the song quickly gained popularity on TikTok. Through her younger sister, she discovered that her single Runway had become an anthem for TikTokers flaunting their stuff and that listeners worldwide were enjoying it.

With over 100K listeners on Spotify, Stunna Girl’s songs like Runway, Rotation, Back In The Day, On the Record, and Bo$$ Shit are the most popular.

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