Hamish Harding Sick

Was Hamish Harding sick? Many people have shown their concern over the British explorer and billionaire’s health issue who was reportedly on board the submersible that went missing on  18 June 2023.

The billionaire was one of five passengers of the submersible that went missing on Sunday afternoon while exploring the Titanic wreck

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The search team for the vessel is in a race against time. A little over an hour and a half into the small submarine’s dive in the middle of the Atlantic, the vessel was said to have lost contact.

From Boston, Massachusetts, a significant search effort is being conducted to find the submersible and the five individuals on board.

It has been mentioned that the vessels had air reserves enough to last for around 70 to 80 hours. The incident has grabbed massive public and media attention.

Meanwhile, many people are asking if Hamish Harding was sick or had any health issues. In this short article, let’s unpack all the known details regarding the billionaire’s health.

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Submarino: Was Hamish Harding Sick? Disease And Health 2023

It doesn’t seem so. At least, there has been no credible media outlet report or official statement regarding Hamish Harding’s health problems.

Thus, we assume the adventurer was in good health before onboarding on the submersible that had been missing. In addition, there is no report related to Harding’s health issues and illness history.

Moreover, you can look at the picture of Hamish Harding just before the start of the expedition on 18 June morning.

Hamish Harding sick
Renowned businessman and adventurer Hamish Harding just before the start of the expedition on 18 June morning. (Image Source: NBC News)

Furthermore, Harding is an active adventurer. He has been to the moon, the south pole, and the deepest part of the Mariana Trench.

As per the reports, the British adventurer holds three Guinness World Records. During a dive to the Mariana Trench’s lowest point, he spent the longest period of time at full ocean *****.

He has made several trips to the South Pole, including one with veteran astronaut Buzz Aldrin, and in 2022 he flew into space on Blue Origin’s fifth human-crewed mission.

He revealed to Business Aviation Magazine in the summer of 2022 that he was raised in Hong Kong, earned his pilot’s license in the middle of the 1980s while attending Cambridge, and founded his aircraft company after making money in the banking software industry.

Additionally, he stated that the Titanic dive was initially scheduled for June 2022 but was postponed because “the submersible was unfortunately damaged on its previous dive.” He claimed that nobody was hurt in the incident.

When asked about his interest in exploration, he responded, “My view is that these are all calculated risks and are well understood before we start.”

Considering his involvement and activities, it is likely that Hamish Harding had no terminal illness and was fit.

Who Is Hamish Harding?

Hamis Harding is a well-accomplished British businessman, adventurer, pilot and space tourist.

Hamish Harding Sick
In addition to being a businessman, Hamish Harding is also a pilot and space tourist. (Image Source: Independent)

The UAE-based billionaire is the founder and chairman of Action Aviation. It is a global aircraft broker company with its main office in Dubai, UAE.

Harding served as the mission director and crew pilot for One More Orbit, a flight mission that took place from 9 July to 19 July 2019 and set a new record for the quickest aircraft tour of the Earth across both poles.

The search team for the submersible has been working tirelessly. Also, millions of people are praying for those who went missing with the vessels.

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