Suma Begum

Suma Begum Missing case made headlines in the national media as her husband Aminan Rahman was charged with ******. Find out more info here.

Suma Begum was a 24-year-old woman who came into media prominence after she went missing on April 30, 2023. She was reported missing from an address in Orchard Place.

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Furthermore, Begum has not been seen since April 28. On the other hand, her husband named, Aminan Rahman, is accused of disposing of her body during the early hours of April 30. 

Aminan was charged with Begum’s ****** on May 4. Moreover, Begum’s body was discovered on the River Thames following a call from a member of the public shortly after 10:00 BST on Wednesday.

Tower Hamlets Suma Begum Missing Found Dead

Tower Hamlets woman Suma Begum was reported missing from an address in Orchard Place on April 30, 2023. Reportedly, she was not seen since April 28.

Following that, Police were looking actively to locate the lady, and on Wednesday, the missing woman’s dead body was found in Thamesmead River. 

Suma Begum Missing
Suma Begum was reported missing on April 30, 2023, and her news is all over social media. ( Source: Twitter )

The Met Police released the news of Begum’s missing update, saying that she was found after receiving a call from a member of the public shortly after 10:00 BST on Wednesday.

They have also reported that Begum’s family has been notified regarding the news. Moreover, a post-mortem examination will happen in due course. 

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Suma Begum Husband Aminan Rahman Charged With ******

Suma Begum’s husband, Aminan Rahman, aged 45, was arrested on Tuesday as part of an investigation into his wife’s whereabouts.

Aminan was charged with Suma’s ****** on May 4 and appeared at the Old Bailey for a preliminary hearing. Rahman was assisted by a Bengali interpreter and spoke only to confirm his identity.

Aminan Rahman
A photograph of Orchard Place in Tower Hamlets, east London. ( Source: The Mirror )

Furthermore, Judge Nigel Lickley KC set a plea hearing for July 25, 2023. It is alleged that Aminan killed his wife at his House in Orchard Place in Tower Hamlets, east London, on April 28.

The Crown alleges that early on April 30, Aminan removed her body in a big suitcase and pushed it into the River Lea. Following that, the court was told the search for Suma’s body was going on.

As said earlier, her body has already been found, and the news has covered the whole internet. 

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Where Is Suma Begum Husband Aminan Rahman Now?

Suma Begum’s husband, Aminan Rahman, is charged with her ******. As mentioned earlier, his plea hearing is scheduled for July 25, 2023.

So, it can be said that Aminan remains in custody. When the news of the pair came into the media, everyone began getting curious about their personal life.

However, none of the media outlets have covered their personal details. So, it can’t be shared how long they were married. Also, there are no records of the duo having kids.

Suma Begum Husband
The news of Suma Begum’s ****** by her husband Aminan Rahman is trending. ( Source: Twitter )

Many people on social media have shared their thoughts regarding this case and have criticized the husband, Aminan. A person shared the news of Suma’s *****, writing,

“how many more women have to die before the terrifying nature of existing as a woman is acknowledged? before people stop telling us we are overreacting for being scared of men? before men stop making excuses for their sexist friends?”

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