Shin Dong Yup Wife

Who is Shin Dong Yup wife, Sun Hye Yoon? The comedian is famous for his work on Risqué Business, where he is seen co-hosting with Sung Si-kyung.

Shin Dong Yup is a comedian and television comedy show host from South Korea.

He gained popularity after appearing in the sitcoms Guys and Girls on the MBC and the variety show Happy Saturday on SBS.

In addition to reality shows, he is a talented actor who has appeared in guest roles on various series over the years. 

Moreover, Shin is also a host of the Risqué Business show with Sung Si-Kyung. They are seen doing a lot of fun and crazy stuff during the show.

Risque Business is a Japanese show where the hosts delve into the adult Japanese entertainment market and present us with some of the strange services offered there, setting Japan apart from other countries.

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Shin Dong Yup Wife, Sun Hye Yoon, Is A Director: Relationship Timeline

Shin Dong Yup’s wife, Sun Hye Yoon, is a television director and producer from South Korea born in 1987.

She has produced and directed a lot of series. Sun Hye Yoon is also an actress known for her works in The Housemaid, Strongest Chil Woo, and Woong’s Story.

The couple married in 2006 and shared a lovely and happy relationship. However, the whereabouts and how and when they fell in love are still unknown to the public.

Similarly, eight years back, it was known that Shin Dong Yup’s wife was angry with him because he took pictures with Lee Min Ho.

Shin Dong Yup Wife
Shin Dong Yup’s Wife is a director and producer. (Source: Twitter)

She was a die-hard follower of Lee Min Ho, therefore, she insisted on coming to the event with him, but he refused her and wouldn’t let her go. This was the actual reason for her anger.

Despite less information on the couple’s dating life, they have dated for a long time. The pair have been happily married for 17 years and still enjoy one other’s company.

The union of the love birds has created a beautiful family of four, including their first-born daughter and a son. Even though their names are not public, his children are both students.

His daughter recently studied in a high school while his son is a middle school student. 

Shin Dong Yup Family Tree

Shin Dong Yup was born on 17 February 1971 in South Korea and is recently 52 years old.

His parents raised him in Seoul where he was born. Shin Dong-yup received a degree from the Seoul Institute of the Arts, a renowned school focusing on the arts.

Despite missing information about his parents, they are known to be his greatest supporter and motivator.

On May 31, 2022, his father, who was admitted to a nursing home, passed away at the age of 88 years.

The funeral was held quietly with family and close acquaintances, where his family mourned his father’s death.

Shin Dong Yup Wife
Shin Dong Yup’s father passed away in 2022. (Source: Allkpop)

Shin Dong Yup had already discussed his father on television, mentioning that he had cancer surgery and is in a nursing facility. He further expressed his misfortunes for being unable to visit him due to COVID-19.

After one year of surgery, he passed away, leaving his family in tears behind. Furthermore, the comedian has frequently mentioned his close bond with his father.

After his father’s passing, he could not control himself for a while. Nevertheless, he had to do it since he had to care for his widowed mother.

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