Sunny Hostin Breast Reduction

Fans are curious to know whether Sunny Hostin got breast reduction surgery after she revealed that she had issues with her body image.

When it comes to discussing her experience having plastic surgery, Sunny Hostin has no “shame.”

The 54-year-old “View” co-host revealed she underwent liposuction and a breast reduction after years of dealing with lower back pain and issues with her body image. She said her surgery was a self-care and health decision and told People on Wednesday that she felt like a better version of herself.

On live television, Sunny Hostin of The View discloses the cost of her most recent plastic surgery and acknowledges that her husband opposed it.

Sunny Hostin Breast Reduction: Has She Done Cosmetic Surgery? 

The mother of two explained that she first started feeling self-conscious about her chest as a teen, but as she grew older, things only got worse.

Hostin claimed that because she was a double-D by the time she was 16, she had no idea that having children would cause her breasts to enlarge. But she decided to have surgery after she was left in tears before the White House Correspondents’ Dinner the previous year because her dress wouldn’t zip up.

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She made an appointment with Dr. Ryan Neinstein, a plastic surgeon in New York City, and Dr. Anna Steve, a breast specialist, to have liposuction on her chin and waist and a breast lift and reduction. She transitioned from a G to a C cup.

Sunny Hostin’s Thoughts On Breast Reduction

Sunny revealed that she had to constantly wear a minimizer bra, a sports bra, or a binder after she joined “The View” in 2016 because her top was so big, but her waist was tiny.

Hostin said that despite a less-than-“glamorous” healing process, she feels better than ever. The talk show host expressed her hope that by being honest about having surgery, other women will feel confident doing what they need to do to feel better.

Hostin said she hopes other women will feel more comfortable discussing plastic surgery.
Hostin said she hopes other women will feel more comfortable discussing plastic surgery. (Source: Plastic Surgery)

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Hostin also wants people to pay attention. She has always assumed that people must be clean eaters when she peruses magazines and Instagram accounts, but they aren’t. She observed that many were taking medication or having cosmetic surgery, and it was their choice to keep it a secret. But she wanted to be honest, and she was delighted.

Sunny Hostin Husband Did Support Her Throughout The Journey

Co-host Sunny was open and honest about having plastic surgery on her face and breasts.

The ABC host then delved into Sunny’s most recent PEOPLE interview, asking her to share her thoughts on plastic surgery since she had discussed it with the magazine.

Sunny revealed that her husband Emmanuel was "against" her surgery.
Sunny revealed that her husband Emmanuel was “against” her surgery. (Source:

The TV personality then took the stage and anecdotally related how having a large bust caused her several problems and led her to a plastic surgery office. Sunny had to hire a private nurse to “take care of her” because her husband, Emmanuel, was “against” her having the surgery.

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She continued by saying that she had explained to her husband that since she had control over her body, she was simply providing him with information rather than seeking his input or approval.

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