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The Sunset Makeup Look has been trending all over TikTok, and people are willing to learn how to create such a look.

Sunset is the color mood that will influence your TikTok feed. Celebrity looks frequently feature the warm and spiciness hues of yellows, oranges, golds, peaches, and even reds. 

Sunset makeup is a broad and creative approach to playing with color rather than just a predetermined set of shades and looks. In the summer, most fashion bloggers and makeup artists opt for a peachy and golden look. 

Learn how to create the perfect sunset eye by blending eyeshadows that range from bright orange to deep purple.

What Is Sunset Makeup Tiktok: Who Started The Trend?

Sunset makeup is a broad term that generally refers to any makeup look that incorporates hues found at sunset. 

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner sunset Makeup Look (Source: Pinterest)

The Bronze palette, Kylie Jenner’s debut eyeshadow collection, was wholly influenced by this trend. The Desert Dusk palette from Huda Beauty is also named in a literal way that suggests the sunset trend inspired it. 

As a tribute to these popular colors, the influencer-owned and -favored brand also debuted a Coral Obsessions and a Bronze Obsessions palette.

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The colors of the sky at sunset, bronze, gold, peach, dusty pink, orange, red, and coral, are typical components of sunset makeup. 

Sunset Makeup Step And Process Explained

The sunset eye is a dramatic appearance. This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to create the vibrant #sunseteyes makeup trend all over TikTok, whether you’re a budding makeup artist or an experienced at-home pro.

Step 1: Prime Your Lids

Blend thoroughly after applying an eyeshadow primer to the entire eyelid up to the brow line. The primer makes a smooth foundation on which you can layer color and makes your makeup last longer.

Step 2: Define The Eye

Use a neutral eyeshadow to define your eye shape with a fluffy blending brush. In the Poison Garden palette by NABLA, we used the shade Narrative. A solid diagonal winged shape should be created by adding shadow to the lid.

Step 3: Building Depth

Define the outer corner of your eye with a dark purple eyeshadow, extending it into a cat-eye shape, and blending it into the crease of your eyelid. The shade we used was Opera from the same Poison Garden palette by NABLA.

Step 4: Mid Tone Of Eyelids

Mid Tone of Eyelids
Mid Tone of Eyelids (Source:

Create your multi-tonal eyelid now using a brush with thick bristles. Divide your eyelid into thirds in your mind, keeping the deep purple in the outer third. Add a fiery fuchsia hue to the center third, such as Berry Bite from the same NABLA color scheme. Avoid over-blending and muddying the colors by gently blending the fuchsia into the purple.

Step 5: Light Tone Of Eyelids

For the innermost third of the eyelid, use a light rose shade. The same palette contains Rosita, a color. Once more, gently meld this color into the fuchsia.

Step 6: Orange Splash

In the inner corner of the eye, dab some matte orange eyeshadow. You can use Party Animal Pressed Pigment in the shade Dranks, switching up our color schemes.

Step 7: Shadow Lower Lash Line

Returning to the rich purple, you applied in step three, lightly sweep the color onto your lower lash line and blend to create the appearance of colored smoke.

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Step 8: Line Eyes

Sunset Eye Makeup
Sunset Eye Makeup (Source:

Line the upper eyelid, forming a small wing at the outer edge, with matte black eyeliner, such as ZOEVA’s Soft Kohl eyeliner in the Noir shade. Use eyeliner to outline the outer two-thirds of the lower lash and a small, angled brush to blend.

Step 9: Add Highlights

Define the inner third of the lower eye with a white pencil eyeliner. To complete this look of an unforgettable sunset eye, add a coat of rich black color to your eyelashes using volumizing mascara.

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