Danny Massa

Danny Massa is one of the contestants of Survivor 44 forty-fourth season. Recently the 18 contestants from the new season have been revealed.

The forty-fourth season is set to premiere on March 1, 2023; it is a reality television show that has continued for a long time.

Viewers are curious to learn about the contestant in detail since little information about them has been made public. 

The new season was filmed in June 2022 on Mamanuca islands in Fiji.

The show will be featuring 26 days of gameplay among all 18 contestants. Also, only basic information about them has been sent out to the public. 

Read further to learn detailed information about one contestant, Danny Massa. 

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Survivor 44: Who Is Danny Massa?

Danny Massa, a professional NYC Firefighter, has been involved in the gameplay show Survivor Season 44.

He mentioned in the introduction that he had been interested in martial arts and firefighting since childhood, but he continued firefighting. 

Massa said he was very insecure about his body and voice and was never confident to talk in mass and not be doubtful. 

He always feared being bullied for his body, but now he seems more than confident with his body and is prepared to go on in Survivor 44.

Danny Massa along with other contestant of Survivor 44.
Danny Massa, along with other contestants of Survivor 44. (Source: Entertainment Weekly)

Massam might win the show and be known by thousands of people; looking at his confidence and personality, he seems very confident about being in the front. 

To get to know more about him, you can watch the show, which will be presented on March 1, 2023; from today, after a month, you will be able to watch the show.

Danny Massa Age: How Old is Survivor 44 Contestant? 

Massa did not mention his birth date publicly, but he is currently 32. He was born and raised in the Bronx, N.Y. 

You can find many pictures of him in public, which shows that he is 32. We can often guess someone’s age by looking at their picture. 

Although the introduction part has been made public, we are still unknown of his actual date of birth. Hopefully, he will share about it in a further episode. 

Danny Massa’s Girlfriend And Family 

Massa has not shared about his romantic relationship in public; he might currently be single. But he has often shared a picture with a baby girl in public. 

Massa might be Father of the little girl, but we cannot confirm it as he has not shared about it in public. 

Danny Massa Instagram post with a little girl..
Danny Massa’s Instagram post with a little girl. (Source: Instagram)

The firefighter has talked about his mother and mentioned that his mother and older sister are his biggest inspirations. 

His mother left her physically abusive husband and raised his sister and him working two jobs and never making them feel worthless.

Massa’s sister is also a strong woman; she and her husband have adopted two kids and has one biological kid, he mentioned.

But after having their kids, his brother-in-law died due to Cancer, but his sister did not lose hope and completed her Ph.D. even after her husband’s death.

Massa shares a great relationship with his mother and sister; they have been his support system throughout his career. 

Danny Massa’s Net Worth 

Massa has not disclosed the information about his earnings through firefighters.

But according to many online portals, it has been mentioned that they might earn $34,000 per year.

Additionally, if he won the show, he might be going in a different career direction and earn more than he currently deserves. 

Massa will be knocked on with different opportunities door after the show since people have already loved his personality and he has gained thousands of followers.

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