Maddy Pomilla

Maddy Pomilla is Survivor 44 contestant who loves to do things that feels impossible. A self-proclaimed “adventure addict” is willing to seize any chance that comes her way. 

The American competitive reality television series Survivor is airing its 44th season, titled. Survivor 44 is set to air on CBS from 1 March 2023.

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The challenging reality series puts a group of strangers in a remote place where they must cater for their food, shelter, and Fire. The contestants compete in various challenges until only one remains.

The last person wins the title of Sole Survivor with a hefty sum of prize money. Maddy Pomilla is one of the contestants of Survivor 44.

Let’s learn more about the reality TV star in today’s article.

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Survivor 44: Who Is Maddy Pomilla? Age And Family

Maddy Pomilla is a 28-year-old contestant from Huntingtown, Maryland. Feral, friendly, and feral are three words that describe her.

Maddy Pomilla
Maddy Pomilla with other contestants of Survivor 44. (Source: Entertainment Weekly)

Pomilla calls herself an “adventure addict.” The Survivor 44 contestant lives in Brooklyn, New York. She worked as a charity project manager before joining the CBS reality show.

The Huntingtown native is eager to seize any chance that comes her way. She decided to play Survivor, quitting her work as a charity project manager.

The beautiful contestant will also bring that impulsiveness to the game, only consciously planning a few days at a time.

Let’s hope the 28-year-old’s endurance and belief in “female power” enable the self-described “Madonna of Survivor” to make it to the end.

As for her family, her Father’s name is Paul. According to the reality TV show star, she has four sisters who are better than her. Maddy said her family leads a life with compassion, curiosity, and honesty – they are down-to-earth people.

Pomilla’s favorite hobbies are Surfing, skating, producing movies with my sisters, dancing all night, pretending to be Madonna at karaoke, and lying in the grass are some of my favorite past times.

Who Is Maddy Pomilla’s Boyfriend?

The Survivor 44 contestant is dating a guy from NYU. The lovebirds have been together for several years.

The brave 28-year-old participatory in the challenging series was asked what something people would never know from looking at her is. Her answer was shocking.

Maddy Pomilla
Maddy Pomilla described her boyfriend as the hottest guy from NYU. (Source: Instagram)

Maddy has trekked to Everest base camp. But the best thing she has done is make the hottest guy from New York University date her for the last seven years.

Maddy Pomilla’s boyfriend’s name has not been made public. However, the handsome is the regular face on the Survivor 44 cast’s Instagram feed.

Scrolling through Maddy’s social media feed, we can see that she has traveled to many places and countries – including Nepal, India, Morocco, New Zealand, etc. – with her beau.

Maddy Pomilla’s Net Worth

Before joining the CBS reality show, Maddy Pomilla worked as a charity project manager. Although the amount of her fortune is still confidential, she must have earned significantly from her job.

As reported by Glassdoor, a person working as a charity project manager earns around $93K as their annual average salary. Thus, Pomilla must also have earned around that range.

Her net worth is likely to increase more in the coming days. Let’s hope the reality TV star will continue to garner more success and amass more fortune in the coming days.

Moreover, the winner of Survivor is awarded a vast prized of US$ 1 million. We wish good luck to Maddy Pomilla for the competition.

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