Susan Smith Death

Susan Smith ***** News has been all over the Internet, and viewers are questioning whether it’s true.

Smith is 51 and was sent to prison for a lifetime in 1994. People have been curious to learn the present condition of the murderer. 

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Susan Smith was ordinary; she got the media’s attention after she murdered two of her kids in 1994, and the case was taken interest internationally. 

She has been in prison for 28 years now, and she will probably be out on November 2024, or she might not be out.

People will only get information about her release at that time. 

Nevertheless, Smith’s case and her life have been a subject of interest among people. They want to learn about the mother who killed two of her kids.

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Susan Smith ***** News: Is She Dead Or Alive?  

Susan Smith is alive and has been in South Carolina jail since 1994. She has been sentenced to lifetime prison with parole after 30 years. 

She has not been out of jail since 1994 and was sentenced to ******.

Following her case, Smith was arrested for giving a false statement to the Police first and charged with ******.

Susan Smith *****
Susan Smith, 51, is eligible for parole in November 2024. (Image Source: New York Post)

People are following the news about her *****, but she is alive and has been in jail. As per the current update, she has not died in prison.

Many unknown sources have mentioned Susan Smith’s *****, which is a rumor; viewers might be following the gossip about her *****, but she is alive and healthy.

Smith tried to suicide when she was 13, but she didn’t die. She was not raised in a thriving family, and her Father committed suicide when she was six. 

While growing up, the jailbird struggled a lot to fit in society. Smith worked in many places to support her family, as she was raised without a dad.

Smith tried to kill herself for the second time when her affair ended with a married man. She loved the man, although he was married and shared kids with his wife.

Susan Smith Arrested For Killing Her 2 Kids

Smith was married to David Smith, and they had two sons. The couple didn’t have a stable relationship, and they got separated many times but never divorced.

Smith killed two sons she welcomed with David. One of her sons was three years old, and the other was 14 months old.

She mentioned that some black guy kidnapped her while driving a car with her kids. 

Susan Smith Kids
Michael, 3, and 14-month-old Alex drowned after Smith strapped her kids into the back of her car. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

They died in October 1994, and the case went on longer than it would. There was not even a slight clue to the Police department that Smith was the killer.

But after a lengthy investigation, on November 3, 1994, she claimed that she went to John D. Long Lake and drowned both of them inside.

The reason behind killing her kids was a local man she was in love with, Tom Findlay. Susan was seeing him for a long time, and she caught strong feelings for him. 

But the guy shared a note ending the relationship mentioning that he doesn’t want kids.

Susan said that she was not in the right mind when she took her kids to the lake. 

Smith said that the note might be the reason behind killing her kids, as she never thought Tom would end the relationship with her.

But nothing can justify her actions, and she is serving her time in prison.

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