Susie Dent Sister

Talking about Susie Dent sister, in one of the interviews, she acknowledged that she had always struggled with envy and insecurities about her “beautiful” older sister, Nicky.

English lexicographer, etymologist, and media figure Susie Dent was born in 1964.

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Since 1992, she has appeared on “Dictionary Corner” of the Channel 4 game show Countdown. She also appears on Jimmy Carr’s post-watershed comic version of 8 Out of 10 Cats called Countdown.

Since 2016, she has served as the honorary vice president of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading.

Does Susie Dent Have a Sister?

As mentioned above, one of the interviews revealed that Susie had always battled jealousy and insecurity over Nicky, her “beautiful” older sister.

She claimed that despite her constant attempts to imitate Nicky, she would “never be as lovely” as her sister and thought her being a “geek” was to blame for her failures.

Susie is a tremendous hit on Countdown, whether or not she thinks it’s justified, despite some nasty viewers accusing her of acting intoxicated in the past.

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Susie Dent Family and Ethnicity

With her husband Paul, Susie is the mother of two girls, Lucy and Thea.

Susie and her primary school teacher husband, Paul, were said to reside in Oxford with their two girls.

After hosting Countdown for almost 30 years, Susie has established herself as a recognized figure on our TV, yet she is believed to keep her personal life private.

Susie Dent and Her Husband
Susie Dent With Her Husband Paul
(Source: Mailplus)

There are no specifics regarding his family, including who Susie’s parents are. There is no information about the genealogy of the family.

Woking, Surrey, is where Dent was born. Susie Dent holds British nationality. Susie Dent’s ethnicity is not known to us. But based on a guess, one of her grandmothers might be a German ancestor.

She completed a period of study at Eton College to prepare for the Oxbridge entrance tests before receiving her education at the Marist Convent in Ascot, an independent Roman Catholic day school.

She continued to obtain her BA in modern languages at Somerville College in Oxford, and her master’s in German at Princeton University.

Susie Dent, the 58-year-old star of Dictionary Corner, has been a Countdown favorite since 1992.

However, the English lexicographer and etymologist have not always had such a glamorous position. On a 2018 Countdown episode, she admitted that she had once been a waitress.

Her boss had asked her if she wanted to try out for the show while writing Oxford University Press dictionaries.

She twice said “no.”

Susie acknowledged to The Independent that she was so “nervous” about the prospect that she first declined it twice before agreeing to test it out.

Susie has a successful writing career in addition to her work with Countdown. An Emotional Dictionary, her 13th book, which investigates words to express each mood and emotion, was just released.

Susie, however, is currently preoccupied with Thea, 15, and Lucy, 23, who are her daughters. She claims, “My daughters are my life.” Having children causes you to lose sight of who you were before because you devote so much of yourself to them.

“After raising your children, you need to revisit it and redefine yourself a little bit, which is incredibly delightful and, in some ways, necessary. That moment will come, but I’m not there yet”, she claims.

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Susie Dent Divorce Story

On Dictionary Corner, Susie Dent seems cool-headed and collected, but in reality, she struggles with “continuous” stress and insecurity and just divorced her husband of almost 22 years.

She frequently astounds Countdown contestants and viewers in “Dictionary Corner,” where she excels at creating words.

However, Susie Dent is not actively talking about dating.

Susie Dent
Susie Dent (Source:

After parting ways with her spouse of 22years, Paul Atkins, last year, the lexicographer tells You magazine today that romance is “absolutely not on my radar.”

She says that recently, friends have tried to link her up with a housemaster from the prestigious school Eton College, but she insists that she is not searching for anyone. She has always enjoyed being alone.

She also said she would never consider using a dating app like Tinder to find love in a million years, saying: “I wouldn’t, for a second, think of putting myself on a dating app.”

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