Swagkage Face Reveal

Swagkage has not done a face reveal in his entire YouTube career, and his fans are curious to see how he looks.

An anime YouTuber known as Swagkage is well known for his videos about popular anime, especially Naruto and the Winged serpent Ball establishment.

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His recordings about the anime above include reports, rumors, news, and examination recordings. He also records other anime but typically only records well-known shounen anime from the 2000s.

Many people expected him to do a face reveal when he reached 1,000,000 supporters, but he eventually decided not to.

Swagkage has risen to prominence due to his massive fame and reputation, with Swagkage appearing in numerous headlines.

Has Swagkage Done A Face Reveal? 

Throughout his entire YouTube career, Swagkage has not done a face reveal. Swagkage only goes by his pseudonym because he has hidden his real identity.

Swagkage has never expressed his feelings about his appearance on any of his social media platforms, and he hasn’t uploaded a single avatar with his smile. Swagkage chose to conceal his identity because he had a better reputation. Swagkage’s face reveals a popular petition among his fans.

Many of Swagkage’s fans can guess why the YouTuber hides his face because he has never explained why he conceals his personality. However, it is common for people to cover their faces in the type of YouTube videos Swagkage creates.

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The reasoning is that, in most cases, there is a compelling need to reveal one’s face. Such recordings typically function as long as the YouTuber includes images and videos of the subjects they are discussing and a voiceover explaining them.

Swagkage Real Name And Age: How Old Is He?

Swagkage’s real name is Rob. He was born on April 29, 1998. His age is 25 years old as of 2024.

His success should be evident from his large number of followers, as he has gathered more than 1.15 million since launching his channel on October 14, 2014. During that time, he has also racked up more than 304 million actual views.

Swagkage and Seth
SethTheProgrammer had a conflict with Swagkage in 2019 which prompted them dropping out. (Source: Twitter)

SethTheProgrammer had a conflict in 2019 that caused them to drop out. SethTheProgrammer, like Swagkage, creates videos about anime, specifically Naruto and Dragon Ball Z. The main difference between him and other Anime YouTubers is that his videos are centered on speculative battles between two characters.

Roobindale, his second channel, has more than 57.4K subscribers. This channel primarily focuses on the well-known video game and anime Yu-Gi-Gracious!

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Swagkage has also enjoyed success on other online entertainment platforms, such as Twitter, where he has 78.6K followers.

Who Are Swagkage Parents?

Swagkage was born to his parents in The United States. He hasn’t revealed anything regarding his parents’ identity and family background.

The YouTuber’s personal life is very private, and he hasn’t even revealed anything about his parents. However, he is open about his relationship with his girlfriend. Swagkage has maintained a high level of privacy for personal reasons.

Swagkage subscriber
Swagkage has amassed 1.16 Million subscriber on his YouTube channel. (Source: YouTube)

With his family’s support, Swagkage finally surpassed 1.16 million YouTube supporters. Swagkage reached 1,000,000 YouTube subscribers in January 2021.

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His channel currently has 1.16 million subscribers and is constantly growing. According to Friendly Edge, he reached 1.16 million supporters in 2023 and has consistently maintained that supporter counts since then.

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