Syahnaz Shidqia Cheating In Relationship

Learn the truth about Syahnaz Shidqia cheating in relationships. Find out the secrets behind the scandal and get the latest updates on this controversial topic.

Syahnaz Shidqia is an Indonesian celebrity, singer, and television personality.

She gained fame by participating in the talent show “Indonesian Idol” in 2014, where she showcased her exceptional vocal abilities and charming personality.

She has released several successful singles and collaborated with renowned Indonesian artists.

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Syahnaz Shidqia Cheating In Relationship Rumours

Reports emerged on June 21, 2023, suggesting that the famous Indonesian singer and television personality Syahnaz Shidqia was involved in a cheating scandal.

The alleged relationship involved actor Rendy Kjaernett, according to statements made by Rendy’s wife, Lady Veronica Nayoan.

Lady Veronica claimed that her husband had been engaged in an illicit relationship with Syahnaz for about a year.

Lady Veronica shared details of the affair, asserting that it started in July 2022 when she was pregnant and almost faced severe health complications.

She disclosed that Syahnaz had allegedly paid for Rendy’s hotel room, visited him during his filming in Bandung, and they had shared dinners together.

Syahnaz Shidqia Cheating In Relationship
Wife of Rendy Kjaernett suspected in an affair with Syahnaz Sadiqah. (Image Source: VOI)

Lady Veronica also claimed Syahnaz had given Rendy expensive gifts, including an iPhone 11 Pro Max and a new phone number.

To support her claims, Lady Veronica mentioned that her husband had a tattoo of Syahnaz’s face on his back. She had previously reported the matter in January 2023 for acts of domestic violence.

Still, she withdrew the report after reaching a peace agreement involving Rendy, Syahnaz, and Jeje Govinda, Syahnaz’s husband.

Lady Veronica revealed that although Syahnaz apologized to her on September 11, 2022, the affair allegedly continued until Lady Veronica discovered further evidence in January 2023.

She even received reports from individuals on social media who claimed to have witnessed Syahnaz and Rendy together, which Lady Veronica highlighted as supporting evidence.

While these reports have generated significant attention, it is essential to approach the information cautiously, as the allegations’ specific details and integrity have not been independently confirmed.

How Did Syahnaz Shidqia Affair With Rendy Kjaernett Start? 

Syahnaz Shidqia, the sister of Raffi Ahmad, has found herself entangled in a highly publicized affair with actor Rendy Kjaernett.

Despite both individuals being in committed relationships, their alleged involvement in the affair has stirred significant attention and controversy.

The news of Shidqia’s affair with Rendy Kjaernett has created a wave of shock and controversy, causing ripples within the entertainment industry and among their respective fans.

Syahnaz Shidqia Cheating In Relationship
The intimate relationship between Rendy Kjaernett and Syahnaz Shidqia rumours. (Image Source: Viva)

The fallout from this scandal is likely to have a significant impact on their personal lives and careers.

The revelations included intimate conversations between Syahnaz and Rendy, raising eyebrows and shocking their respective fans and followers.

The situation has caused a ripple effect throughout the entertainment industry, leading to speculations about the repercussions on their personal lives and careers.

Despite the revelation made by Rendy’s wife, the exact details surrounding Shidqia and Kjaernett’s alleged affair remain unclear.

No concrete evidence has surfaced to indicate that they were spotted together in public places, and the specific timeline of when the affair began remains undisclosed.

The information surrounding the affair is based mainly on the statements and evidence presented by Rendy’s wife, Lady Nayoan, through her social media posts.

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