Kyra Dulguime Nationality

People have been searching for Kyra Dulguime nationality after the news of her death, and pictures have been circulating on different social media platforms. 

Kyra Dulguime sustained severe injuries in the tragic incident on George Street in Haymarket around midnight.

Despite the efforts of paramedics to rescue her, she could not be saved and passed away at the location.

Viewers have been sharing prayers and condolence to her family and loved ones devastated by the news of her accident. 

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Kyra Dulguime Nationality: Where Was She From?

Kyra Dulguime was from Sydney, Australia, per the reports of the incident where she tragically lost her life.

Whether she held dual nationality or citizenship in any other country is still being determined. The details suggest that she was a resident of Sydney and was in the central business district at the time of the accident.

This also suggests Dulguime was most likely an Australian national since she was residing in Sydney, Australia, with her family.

Picture of Kyra Dulguime with her family and a pet.
Picture of Kyra Dulguime with her family and a pet. (Image Source: Kidspot)

No information has been disclosed regarding her parents or any family member; they have yet preferred to stay out of media and sources at this challenging time of losing loved ones.

Following the heartbreaking passing of Dulguime, her friends have taken to social media to express their grief and share their tributes.

One of her close friends posted a message declaring their love for Kyra and how much they will miss her.

Another message conveyed the hope that Kyra will now rest in peace, embraced by the love of God and eternal light.

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Sydney Tram Accident: Kyra Dulguime Death And Obituary

Authorities have identified the 16-year-old girl who died after getting caught under a tram in Sydney’s CBD.

According to the police, Kyra Dulguime attempted to cross the tracks by climbing through the exterior coupling that links two carriages of the stationary tram.

Unfortunately, when the tram began moving from the Goulburn St intersection, she was trapped underneath it.

Despite the tireless efforts of emergency services to rescue the 16-year-old girl, who suffered critical injuries after getting trapped under a tram in Sydney’s CBD, she could not be saved.

Kyra Dulguime's friends left flowers and messages close to where the teenager passed away on Thursday.
Kyra Dulguime’s friends left flowers and messages near where the teenager passed away on Thursday. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

According to a witness who spoke to Daily Mail Australia, the tram dragged Kyra Dulguime for around 200 meters from the traffic lights to the next platform after she got caught between the compartments.

The witness claimed that he had heard she was attempting to cross between the carriages when the tram was stationary at the traffic lights.

However, she could not reach the other side when the lights changed and got trapped. The witness also stated that the driver may not have been able to see her.

The witness recounted how people were shouting for help, but it was too late, and despite the arrival of police and paramedics, it appeared that Kyra had passed away at the scene.

The witness expressed sorrow for the young girl’s family and how tragic the incident was.

On Thursday, Dulguime’s friends, deeply saddened by her untimely demise, left messages and floral tributes near where she lost her life.

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