Sylvan Pendragon

Sylvan Pendragon’s death news has been all over Tiktok; people are interested in learning whether the information is accurate.

Sylvan Pendragon is an ordinary Tiktoker; she uses Tiktok for fun and follows the trend. 

She has only 600 followers on her Tiktok; she only gains a few likes on her content. But, people who have followed her and looked at her are curious to know more about her.

Pendragon’s Instagram account is private, she has more than 1000 followers on her Instagram, but she has kept her profile very confidential. 

Read further to know about the death news of the Tiktok star; this article will include everything you need to learn about her. 

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Who Is Sylvan Pendragon? 

Sylvan Pendragon is a Tiktok star who has been in TikTok since Covid-19 started. She has 600 followers on her Tiktok.

She makes Tiktok for fun and often shares her life experience in the video. She shared a video mentioning that she was married.

Pendragon was married to a guy, and they lived together for a long time; they met each other during high school. 

Official Tiktok account of Sylvan Pendragon.
Official Tiktok account of Sylvan Pendragon. (Image Source: TikTok)

But her husband cheated on her with her best friend, who is now engaged to her. After that incident, Pendragon said she had never been lucky in a relationship or friendship.

Pendragon has made her social media very private; she has not mentioned any clear information about her personal life, like her age, profession, and family.

Many people know her as a Tiktok star, and that’s all she has not been very public about her life like any other TikTok celebrity.

But, looking at the Tiktok, she shared on her official account, it seems like she is in her late 20s. She is currently single and does not share any children yet.

If you are interested and want to connect with her, follow her on her Tiktok account, which goes by @sylut.

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Why Is Tiktok Star Death News Trending On The Internet? 

People do not share any reason behind making someone’s death a joke, so Tiktok star Sylvan has been trending all over the Internet. 

She is alive and kicking; she is in her last 20s and an ordinary Tiktok star. People often make death rumors to grab public attention and gain likes and comments.

People following the death rumor about the Tiktok star shared condolence with her family before getting to know it was a rumor.

Recent Tiktok of Sylvan Pendragon, shared with a caption, Saving one life at a time.
Recent Tiktok of Sylvan Pendragon shared with a caption, Saving one life at a time. (Image Source: TikTok)

A different online portal has shared about her death news which is not true because she has been active on her Tiktok account. Her death news was first out on Tiktok, but now it has been on different online and social media platforms.

The reason behind making the death rumor about Sylvan Pendragon hasn’t been disclosed. However, we believe the false news started after many outlets mistakenly pictured her as Sylvan Lau.   

So, who is Sylvan Lau? She became headlines in many outlets as a victim of domestic violence back in 2018.

Police later caught Sylvan’s attacker, Thomas Mark Richard Hughey, then 21-year-old. He was charged with felony assault by strangulation and other violation, as per Tipblogg.  

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