Tamia Taylor

Tamia Taylor missing news is trending on the internet as the 21-year-old girl has vanished since September 9, 2023. Here is more info about her.

Tamia Taylor is a lady from Hernando, Mississippi, who has a close-knit relationship with her friends and family. Everyone has been searching for her name on the internet as Taylor has been missing for the past few days.

The lady was reported missing by her family, and the news has drawn a huge amount of public attention. People are sharing the news on various platforms to help the family find their daughter.

It has been noted that Taylor went missing following a trip to Memphis to ride the riverboat. She didn’t return home, leaving her family worried.

Memphis Riverboat Tamia Taylor Missing Update

Tamia Taylor missing update has been searched by many people on the internet. As of now, the search for the missing lady continues, but there is no sign of her being found.

Memphis Police Department (MPD) issued an urgent alert on Sunday for Taylor. They are still searching for the lady who has been missing since September 9, 2023.

Many people who knew Tamia and her family are sharing the notice on multiple social media handles. Reportedly, Tamia disappeared from a cruise along the Mississippi River. 

Tamia Taylor Missing
Tamia Taylor has been missing since September 9, 2023, and the Memphis Police Department (MPD) issued an urgent alert on Sunday. ( Source: Facebook )

Memphis Riverboats issued a statement on Monday saying they do not believe Tamia Taylor went overboard. Online users are sharing their thoughts regarding this matter, and one of them said,

“Something is not right Friends said she left her phone on the table to go to the bathroom; I will bet if we asked 1000 young girls, would you leave your phone on a table while you go to the bathroom and not one of them would.”

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Where Was Tamia Taylor Last Seen?

Tamia Taylor disappeared Saturday night after taking a riverboat ride with work friends in Downtown Memphis. Nearly 48 hours later, there are still no answers on Taylor’s disappearance. 

Police say Taylor’s mother, Debra Taylor, reported her missing Sunday after she didn’t return home from a boat ride on Riverside Drive. 

Tamia Taylor Last Seen
Tamia Taylor went missing following a trip to Memphis to ride the riverboat. ( Source: Facebook )

Debra told the police Tamia was coming to Memphis to meet friends for a riverboat ride planned for 10:30 p.m. Saturday. Memphis police said the mother told police that Taylor’s friend said she never got on the boat.

Hours later, MPD released an updated report saying that further investigation shows Taylor did make it to Memphis and onto the boat but could not be found when it anchored.

Who Is Tamia Taylor?

Tamia Taylor is a 21-year-old girl from the United States of America. She has a good bond with everyone, and her missing news has saddened her close ones.

Loved ones are desperate for answers as they search for the young mother, who vanished after she went on a riverboat cruise in downtown Memphis over the weekend. 

Tamia Taylor Mother
Tamia Taylor’s mother, Debra, talked with the media, and she wants everyone to help her at this time. ( Source: Facebook )

It has been noted that Taylor is the mother of two children. Meanwhile, Tamia is a 5 feet 7 inches tall lady whose weight is reported to be 125 pounds.

At the time of her disappearance, Taylor was seen wearing a beige shirt, black jacket, white shorts, orange socks, and white shoes. 

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