Tana Mongeau is an American internet personality

Tana, the famous internet personality, has remained in the fan’s concern as soon as her pregnancy rumors circulated on the internet. Is Tana Mongeau pregnant 2023? Have a look!

The fan’s favorite internet personality and social media star, Tana Mongeau, is making headlines for something serious. Besides, Tana is famous for making “storytime” videos. 

People love seeing her content on her YouTube channel, and she is known for her storytime videos. On February 10, 2017, Mongeau shared a video on Snapchat where the FBI was investigating her.

The same year, she posted another video, “The N Word,” that earned over 7 million views. Apart from the storytelling videos, she has also gained public attention for her dating history. 

In the same way, Mongeau is currently rumored to be pregnant, and people are searching for the facts all over the internet. 

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Is Tana Mongeau Pregnant 2023?

No, Tana Mongeau is not pregnant, but the rumors have remained in the media for quite a while now.

Due to the pregnancy rumors, the internet personality has been making headlines for the past few days.

There is no truth about Tana being pregnant or expecting her child anytime soon.

Considering everything, it can be confirmed that all the rumors about Tana’s pregnancy are fake and circulated on the internet without any truth.

Tana Mongeau Pregnant 2023
The famous internet personality, Tana Mongeau, is rumored to be pregnant. (Source: Instagram)

Apart from that, the verified media outlets have not given anything about this topic yet. In addition to that, Tana herself has kept her mouth shut.

Considering this fact, it can be said she prefers to ignore the fake news that circulates in the media unwantedly.

This has also left many of her fans and followers confused. It is believed that Mongeau may give some updates in the future.

Tana Mongeau Baby Bump Rumors

Tana Mongeau baby bump rumors have remained in the media for quite a while now. Some people may have speculated that Tana was pregnant after exploring her recent images on Instagram.

The rumors may have also circulated due to Tana’s dress, showing her belly a bit bigger than normal. However, there is no truth about Tana being pregnant.

Tana Mongeau baby bump
Tana Mongeau shared a photo flexing her amazing outfit. (Source: Instagram)

Apart from that, this is not the first time Mongeau was involved in the pregnancy rumors. She used social media to share a tweet from an account predicting her baby announcement by the end of 2020.

This wasn’t the first time people guessed she was pregnant. In 2019, her then-husband Jake Paul said she was expecting his child, but Tana denied it on social media. Many people asked many questions about Mongeau’s pregnancy.

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More On Tana Mongeau Weight Gain

Like her pregnancy, Tana Mongeau often gets media prominence for her weight gain news. As people speculated about Tana’s pregnancy, some even assumed that the pregnancy rumors of Tana may have come into the media after people noticed her gain in Mongeau’s weight.

Furthermore, many online users on Reddit have also created threads to talk about this matter, where many followers got concerned about Mongeau’s weight.

Tana Mongeau weight gain
Fans assumed Tana Mongeau gained weight after she was rumored to be pregnant. (Source: Instagram)

Apart from that, the news has also been given by multiple sources on the web. Mongeau has been gaining weight since she stopped being vegan in 2017.

Her followers have also compared the before and after photos of Tana to speculate whether the social media star has gained weight or not.

Exploring all of her images from the past, it can be said that Mongeau appears to have gained some weight, but she has not openly said anything about this matter.

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