Tana Perkins Reneau in custody for child abuse

Tana Perkins Reneau has become infamous because of a child abuse case that was brought to light. As such many have also been searching for Tana Perkins Reneau husband. Read about him further in the article.

The 51-year-old Tana Perkins Reneau was arrested in Whatcom County and is facing charges of child sexual assault, child rape, and drug possession.

After the department’s detectives looked into a Child Protective Services report, it pointed to possible instances of abuse. For that, Tana Perkins Reneau was promptly taken into custody by the Whatcom County Sheriff’s deputies.

Furthermore, she had a vial of prescription pills that weren’t prescribed to her, giving police reason to believe she was also involved with drugs, leading to her arrest on related charges on June 2, 2023.

Her bail was set at $500,000 at a preliminary court hearing, and she is still in the Whatcom County Jail.

As such, the interest in Tana Perkins and her case remains high. With that, many have also become curious about Tana Perkins Reneau husband.

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Who Is John Reneau, Tana Perkins Reneau Husband? Married Life And Kids

Tana Perkins Reneau husband is John Reneau, also known as William John Reneau II. According to an obituary in Dignity Memorial, it is said that they both got married on Feb 20, 2010.

However, apart from that, not much has been made public about Tana Perkins Reneau husband.

Meanwhile, considering that Tana Perkins Reneau is 51 years old, we can assume that Tana Perkins Reneau husband age is around the late 40s or in the 50s.

Tana Perkins Reneau smiling for a picture
Tana Perkins Reneau smiling widely (Source: AOL)

There are also no social media accounts that have been disclosed related to them, so there’s not really any information about both her and Tana Perkins Reneau husband.

As for their kids, they have a total of six children, four of which are actually adopted. According to some sources, one of the children, Ryker Reneau, faces challenges with speaking and moving due to an expressive language disorder.

Considering their number of children, they probably got married when they were in their early 20s.

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Tana Perkins Reneau Educational Background And Career

Born in Kennewick, Washington, Tana Perkins Reneau graduated from Kamiakin High School located in Kennewick, in 1990.

Four years later, in 1994, she completed her studies at Linfield University in McMinnville, Oregon, earning a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

Her educational journey continued as she pursued a master’s degree in Teaching at Washington State University in Pullman between 1996 and 1998.

Soon after earning her degree, the Kennewick School District welcomed her in 1998, where Tana Perkins Reneau taught elementary school and even took on a role as a school administrator during a summer break in Kennewick for two years till 2010.

Simultaneously, she furthered her education by earning a PhD in Educational Leadership from Washington State University.

Tana Perkins Reneau with a black suit for her case
Tana Perkins Reneau at a court hearing (Source: Bellingham Herald)

Fast forward to 2011, she moved to Blaine, and seven years later, in 2018, she pursued a Doctor of Education in Special Education Leadership from Northcentral University in Arizona.

But teaching wasn’t the only thing she did, she also ventured into an entrepreneurship journey establishing a candy company called Better Buttermint Co. in 2021.

Moving on, in 2019, she unsuccessfully bid for the Blaine School Board. But that wasn’t the last time Tana Perkins Reneau ran for the board seat.

On May 19, 2023, she officially declared her candidacy for an open seat in the second district of the Blaine School Board. She was set to compete in the primary election in August 2023 against fellow candidates Ben Lazarus and Dean Berkeley.

However, it didn’t come to fruition, as the Whatcom County Sheriff’s deputies arrested her on June 2, 2023.

Tana Perkins Reneau was charged with drug possession and four counts of child sexual, including three child rape allegations. If found guilty, she could face a sentence of lifetime imprisonment.

Meanwhile, nothing is known about Tana Perkins Reneau husband reaction to his wife’s allegations, and some even think that he might be involved in the case. However, nothing is clear until proven. 

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