Tarek Fatah Death

People Tarek Fatah death news has spread all over the internet. On hearing of Tarek Fatah’s passing, tributes flood in; daughter Natasha’s post is unclear. 

Canadian-Pakistani Journalist and author Tarek Fatah.

Fatah is an organization that supports LGBT rights, the separation of church and state, opposition to Sharia rule, and a liberal, modern interpretation of Islam.

He describes himself as “an Indian born in Pakistan” and “a Punjabi born into Islam” and has been outspoken in his criticism of the Pakistani political and religious establishment.

Fatah has questioned the division of India to achieve this. To learn more about Tarek Fatah Death news, let’s dive deep into this case.

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Tarek Fatah Death: Is The Journalist Dead Or live?

Rumours about Pakistan’s well-known Journalist and writer Tarek Fatah began circulating on social media. Natasha Fatah, his daughter, tweeted about him.

Following this message, Tarek Fatah’s death began swiftly trending on social media. A large number of individuals started honoring Fatah.

Twitter quickly became trending with Tarek Fatah. But it turned out that the reports of Fatah’s passing were wholly untrue.

Tarek Fatah Death
Tarek Fatah Death news is not true. (Source: The Economic Times)

After India was divided into two countries in 1947, a Punjabi Muslim family that had lived in Bombay moved to Karachi, where Fatah was born.

After earning a biochemistry degree from the University of Karachi, Fatah began his career as a reporter for the Karachi Sun before transitioning to Pakistan Television as an investigative Journalist.

In the 1960s and 1970s, he led communist student movements and was twice imprisoned by military governments.

What Happened To Tarek Fatah?

Natasha, Tarek’s daughter, reposted one of her Father’s earlier tweets with the following message: “My Father who lived every day of his glorious life to the fullest.”

Tarek Fatah, long live. His post was misconstrued, and many connected it to Fatah’s demise. On Twitter, condolences began to flood in from his followers.

Even though this report was a complete fabrication.

The Jaipur Dialogue refuted this information. Let me inform you that the program is organized annually by Jaipur Dialogue. Tarek Fatih is frequently invited to this program.

Inform people that Tarek Fatah keeps making contentious claims about Pakistan and Islamic fanaticism.

He frequently takes part in debate programs on Indian news channels. A private news station also carried his agenda, “Fateh Ka Fatwa.”

Details On Tarek Fatah Case

For his incisive remarks, he has frequently received death threats. Fatah tweeted in February of this year that beheading plans had been made.

A Muslim group in Bareilly had earlier in the year offered a bounty of Rs. 10 lakhs for the execution of Tarek Fateh.

Many people began paying respect to him after learning of his passing on social media. Om Shanti! was tweeted by a user named Abhijit Iyer Mitra.

Tarek Fatah Death
People were seen paying tribute on social media. (Source: Wikipedia)

You were the most compassionate and intelligent person, Tarek, sir. He will always remain in our prayers. Lots of love. Abhijeet Reddy, another user, also praised Fatah.

Some people were observed paying respects to Fatah, but his rivals could be seen having a good time.

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