Tarek Fatah

The Pakistani-Canadian journalist Tarek Fatah passed away at the age of 73. Details on Tarek Fatah ***** cause and obituary. Sourced claims he died battling cancer. 

The unpredicted ***** of the Pakistani-Canadian columnist Tarek Fatah has shattered people. He was a famous Pakistani-Canadian journalist and author.

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Professionally he was also a political activist, writer and broadcaster. Further, Tarek also supported LGBTQ rights.

Tarek is known for the political changes he made throughout his active years, including the separation of religion and state and opposition to Sharia law. 

Along with this, the late political activist also gained the limelight for his advocacy for a liberal, progressive form of Islam. Also, Tarek was active in politics from 1996 to his last breath. 

Tarek held Canadian nationality and moved to Saudi Arabia from his birth country Pakistan, before emigrating to Canada in 1987. 

Tarek Fatah ***** Cause- Columnist Died Battling With Cancer

Tarek Fatah’s ***** news saddens everyone, his family and the followers. As soon as his ***** news circulated over the media sources, people started searching for his ***** cause. 

As per the reports, the late politician was battling cancer for a long time. And Cancer might be the primary cause of his *****. 

Tarek Fatah ***** Cause
Tarek Fatah died at 73 aftre battling cancer. (Source: PKB News)

The news of Tarek’s sudden ***** has sent down a stunner and grief on social media. He was one of the major personalities in Pakistani politics, and he is yet remembered for his progressive views on Islam. 

As of yet, no further details have been released about the ***** cause of Tarek, and many official sites have also reported that he died of cancer, so Cancer is considered the reason behind his *****. Further details related to his health will be updated later. 

Similarly, non of the sources have specified the cancer Tarek was diagnosed with. So, soon these details will also be informed to us. 

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Tarek Fatah Obituary And Tributes Pous Online

The ***** news of the Pakistani- Candian Columnist Tarek Fatah was confirmed by his daughter Natasha. Similalry, Natasha announced the news on Sunday. 

More, she tweeted an emotional post on her Twitter account with a long paragraph describing Tarek along with his old and new pictures. 

Tarek Fatah
Tarek Fatah’s daughter, Natasha, tweeted about his ***** on her Twitter account. (Source: Twitter)

Following Natasha’s posts, she tweeted posts captioning with,” “Lion of Punjab. Son of Hindustan. Lover of Canada. Speaker of truth. Fighter for justice. Voice of the downtrodden, underdogs, and the oppressed.

Moreover, many social media pages and people have also poured tribute to Tarek and his family on multiple online platforms, including Twitter and Facebook. 

There can be seen mixed opinions from the people regarding the ***** of Tarek as many social media users are saddened by the ***** news, and many are making memes and funny jokes about it. 

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Tarek Fatah Health Condition Before *****

As we said earlier, the biggest critic of Islam, Tarek Fatah, has died at the age of 73, battling Cancer. Netoezes have also searched for his health updates before his *****. 

As we know, his ***** cause is cancer, so he must have gone through a challenging situation before his *****. As the sources report, he was battling cancer for long years. 

Tarek Fatah
Tarek Fatah battled cancer for long years. (Source: Twitter)

Apart from this, no information has been released about Fatah’s health condition before his *****, so more information about this topic will be revamped shortly, so stay updated. 

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