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Taryn Manning cheating scandal has dragged the eyes of many people. If you want to know more about it, read the whole article.

Taryn Manning is one of the most loved American actresses and singers who has been working actively in the film industry for quite a while now.

As an actress, Manning has appeared in many hit movies and tv series including Orange Is The New Black, Sons of Anarchy, Hustle & Flow, and 8 Mile.

Apart from that, Manning has also worked in some music videos. She has worked with many renowned figures in the industry such as Dreamers, Chris Pierce, and Butch Walker.

The prominent singer has been making headlines on the internet for the past few days and if you want to know everything, read below.

Taryn Manning Cheating Scandal and Controversy Explained

Taryn Manning cheating scandal has dragged the actress into the controversy. Recently, she posted a video in which she admitted to having an affair with a married man.

She confessed to having an affair with a married man and apologized for sharing a since-deleted video of herself addressing his wife once she learned he wasn’t single.

In the deleted video, Manning detailed how she performed adult acts on the man, wanted to buy him a boat, and claimed his wife threatened her with a restraining order.

Taryn Manning Cheating Scandal
Taryn Manning shared a video about having an affair with a married man. ( Source: Entertainment Tonight )

Meanwhile, the viral video can be found on the internet which has been shared by many handles on the web. The singer said the affair started after the man came to her when she was very single.

In a second video, Manning also claimed the married man committed an intimate act on her during the drive to Newport Beach. Due to her revelation, everyone has been asking questions about the scandal.

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Taryn Manning Cheated With Her Husband Anne Cline

When Taryn Manning revealed having an affair with a married man in the past, people are saying that she cheated on her husband Anne Cline. However, there is no truth about it.

At that time, Taryn had revealed that she was single and it all happened when she was leading a solitary life. Apart from that, Manning is not married and does not have a partner too.

Taryn Manning Cheated
Taryn Manning was engaged to Anne Cline but they didn’t married. ( Source: Page Six )

Taryn and Anne were together for three years before getting engaged in the year 2021. An insider close to Taryn claimed she only accepted Cline’s proposal because the singer put her on the spot with her public proposal.

Cline had been performing at a bar and grill in Panama City, Florida when she jumped off the stage and got down on one knee to propose to Taryn. 

However, their engagement couldn’t turn into marriage as they separated later. They even tried to work out their relationship but it couldn’t happen.

What Has Taryn Manning Said About Her Scandal?

Taryn Manning has already responded to the viral video which dragged the singer into the controversy. After making a shocking revelation, fans were eager to know more about it.

Due to that, people shared their thoughts on the scandal. Finally, Manning shared a video and also issued an apology via her Instagram handle.

Taryn Manning
Taryn Manning responded to her viral video. ( Source: Instagram )

Manning also expressed feeling considerable guilt after revealing her romantic situation. Initially dismissing it as a lie, she later chose to come clean with her fans.

She apologized for “exposing” the situation on social media but not for “how I love.” Moreover, the name of the man whom Manning had an affair with has not been shared with the tabloids. 

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