Tate Rodemaker Dad

Tate Rodemaker Dad has been making headlines for providing updates to the public about his son’s condition, particularly addressing a concussion.

Tate Rodemaker, hailing from Valdosta, Georgia, is a football player standing tall at 6’4″. He completed his high school education at Valdosta High School.

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Initially, Rodemaker had chosen to commit to playing college football for the South Florida Bulls.

Notably, he achieved passing statistics of 6,811 yards and 74 touchdowns in high school.

Currently serving as the quarterback for the Florida State University Seminoles, he made his mark in the 2022 season by participating in seven games.

During this period, he showcased his skills by completing 18-of-31 passes for 254 yards and two touchdowns, in addition to rushing 10 times for 14 yards.

Rodemaker has made the decision to opt out of Florida State’s Orange Bowl matchup against Georgia.

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Who Is Tate Rodemaker Dad, Alan Rodemaker?

Tate Rodemaker’s father, Alan Rodemaker, initiated his career at Valdosta High School in 2010, serving as an assistant football coach and gym teacher.

In 2016, he ascended to the role of head football coach, leading the Valdosta High School football team to victory in the Georgia State Championship for Division 6A.

Subsequently, the team reached the state championship quarterfinals in two of the following three years.

Tate Rodemaker Dad
Alan Rodemaker, Tate’s father, is in the news for updating the public on his son’s condition (Source: Tallahassee Democrat)

Valdosta High School was seen as a strong contender for another state title, with seventeen out of twenty-two starting players returning for the 2020-2021 school year.

Alan Rodemaker was recognized for his roles as a teacher and football coach, with the Valdosta Board of Education renewing his contract without issues for a decade.

In January 2020, the Superintendent of Valdosta City Schools recommended renewing Rodemaker’s contract, which is set to expire on June 30, 2020.

Alan is currently in the news for updating the public on his son’s condition, specifically addressing a concussion suffered by the quarterback during a game against Florida.

He emphasized the uncertainty, indicating that a final decision on Tate’s participation would be made later, considering the protocols and evaluations.

Freshman Brock Glenn, who threw just four passes this season, is set to start if Rodemaker is ruled out.

The protocol timeframe poses a challenge despite Glenn’s good performance in practice.

The injury evaluation process continued, leading to the ACC Championship Game against Louisville.

Meet Tate Rodemaker Mother And Family

Presently, Alan Rodemaker’s significance lies in being the father of Tate Rodemaker, a standout Florida State quarterback.

Additionally, Alan provided information about Tate’s injury and potential participation in the ACC Championship Game against Louisville.

While there is ample information about Tate’s father, Alan, and his secure profession, details about Tate’s mother and other family members remain limited.

Tate Rodemaker suffered a concussion from a hard hit in the game against Florida the previous week.

The ACC Championship Game against Louisville is crucial for the Seminoles’ playoff chances, and Rodemaker’s availability is uncertain, with his father assessing the chances of playing as “50-50.”

Tate Rodemaker Dad
Tate Rodemaker pictured with his family (Source: 247 Sports)

In the nine games he played this year, Rodemaker completed 32-of-56 passes for 510 yards, five touchdowns, and zero interceptions.

The potential absence of Rodemaker could result in a significant experience drop, with true freshman Brock Glenn expected to start if Rodemaker cannot play.

Tate’s concussion occurred during the game against Florida, and he went through sideline evaluations, eventually returning for the last offensive play.

However, symptoms appeared on Sunday, leading to ongoing weekly evaluation. He was a three-star recruit from Valdosta High in the Class of 2020.

Head coach Mike Norvell confirmed Rodemaker’s concussion and mentioned that he practiced in limited spots during the week.

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