Ted Cruz Suicide

Police authorities rushed to Ted Cruz’s residence as of an alleged suicide attempt. On Tuesday night, the 14-year-old girl suffering from self-inflicted stab wounds to her arms was notified.

He holds a politician and attorney profession and has served as the junior American Senator from Texas since 2013. As associated with Republican Party, he operated as Solicitor General of Texas from 2003 to 2008.

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As he serves in a respectable position, he remains in the eye of security forces and the general public. Shortly, the U.S. senator reported an injury from his residence, which created tension among his well-wishers. 

After the reported injury of the little girl came into acknowledgment, it has been highlighted news amongst media outlets. The suspected girl is regarded as his daughter, and the well-wishers have prayed for her well-being.

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Girl Found With Self-Inflicted Knife Stab Wounds At Ted Cruz Home

Cruz’s family informed the Police and medical authorities to arrive at the Texas home of Ted Cruz shortly after there was a suicide suspect of a young girl. The young girl is suspected to be his daughter; however, it is unclear about her identity.

Police Called to Ted Cruz’s Texas Home for Teen With Self-Inflicted Wounds
Police Called to Ted Cruz’s Texas Home for Teen With Self-Inflicted Wounds (Source- Yahoo U.K. News)

On Tuesday night, a 14-year-old girl was suffering from self-inflicted stab wounds to her arms. After the family member discovered her state, she was immediately rushed to the hospital for medical supervision.

As many media outlets were concerned about the moment, the official released a statement shortly from his office. In response to the matter, a representative said: “This is a family matter, and thankfully their daughter is okay.”

Since the authority mentioned his daughter was okay, it looks like one of his daughters, Catherine or Caroline, was injured. More information will be available with significant media coverage.

How Is The Health Condition Of The Girl After Treatment?

When Cruz’s family informed the Police and medics about the harm, Ted Cruz’s home could be spotted by various emergency teams following the stab wound injury.

As she was given immediate medical attention, it does not seem like she is still in the hospital. As the representative had mentioned her well-being, she may be under rest and care.

Moreover, he added that her injuries were not serious. The Cruz family prefers privacy, so they have not directly spoken about the matter and requested the media to cooperate with their preference.

As the young girl’s injury was self-inflicted, many people suspected her suicide attempt, but it may be accidental too. Only little is known about the matter, with privacy concerns.

Emergency services are seen outside the home of U.S. Senator Ted Cruz
Emergency services are seen outside the home of U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (Source- Youtube)

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Where Is Ted Cruz Following The Incident?

According to KHOU-TV, Ted Cruz was in Washington, but it is unclear if he will rush to his family members following the condition at his residence.

As the situation has been controlled, he may consider the situation. However, there has been no coverage of the politician’s statement or whereabouts at the moment as they have demanded their personal space.

Houston Police Department has clarified that there was no criminal activity and that the consequence was not a family violence issue. With the incident, Cruz’s family may have talked personally on the matter.

As Cruz is serving his country in a high-level position, his duties and work may reach far away from his residence, but following the emergency, he may soon contact his place.

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