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Mauricio Garcia parents: the gunman of the Allen Premium Outlets mass shooting lived with his parents until a few months ago. His parents’ neighborhood described him as a private person.

The person who opened fire on 6 May at an outlet mall in Allen, Texas, was identified as 33-year-old Mauricio Garcia. The mass shooting killed eight people and injured at least seven others.

The authorities have not yet established a particular motivation.

However, a senior law enforcement source involved with the investigation revealed that the gunman had a significant social media presence and may have connections to right-wing extremism.

The gunman Mauricio Garcia was also fatally shot by a cop at Allen Premium Outlet for an unrelated case. According to his parents’ neighborhood, the 33-year-old wore a security uniform whenever he came and left home.

Let’s learn more about Mauricio Garcia’s parents, family, and more below.

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Texas Shooter Mauricio Garcia Parents: Where Are They From? Family Tree

Mauricio Garcia parents’ house is in East Dallas, east of White Rock Lake. The alleged gunman lived with his mother and father until a few months ago.

Mauricio Garcia Parents
The front of a house connected to Mauricio Garcia – the house was searched by authorities overnight. (Image Source: CBS News)

The authorities issued two search warrants – one of the gunman’s parents’ house. Another for a Dallas area hotel, where Garcia had been living recently. It has been reported that the shooter didn’t have a serious criminal record.

As reported by CNN, the neighbors of Mauricio’s parents said they didn’t know much about him.

But they often saw him come and go to work in a uniform that was similar to a security guard. 

It gives you a chill, according to Moises Carreon, a neighbor. We are familiar with our neighbors, but how much do we really know about them? That’s a question we’ll likely never get the answer to.

They said that on Saturday night, Garcia’s parents’ house was surrounded by police authorities, including the FBI, who stayed until early Sunday morning.

The name and other details about the gunman’s mom and dad are unknown.

The Neighbors Described Mauricio Garcia As A Private Person

Mauricio Garcia parents’ neighbors characterized him as someone who kept to himself and didn’t seem to get into problems.

Mauricio Garcia Parents
Neighbors of Mauricio Garcia’s parents said he was a private person. (Image Source: Washington Post)

“He just appeared to be distant and aloof. However, he wasn’t dangerous, according to Kevin Todd, a neighbor.

The suspect’s parents resided in a neat, tree-lined neighborhood where his neighbors said they never knew his name but recognized him by the clothes he frequently wore.

They also witnessed him driving by in a sports vehicle.

Julie, the neighbor next door, who would only go by her first name, gave a different account of the suspect. Julie stated, “We called him Honky because he often honked at us and waved.

She said Mauricio was one of a couple’s four children who had resided in the area for over ten years. They are decent folks, Julie said. According to Julie and other neighbors, Garcia looked to have left his parents’ home one or two months ago, as they last saw him months ago.

Garcia was carrying an AR-15-style gun and tactical gear when the incident occurred. In addition, two witnesses said that he wore a patch on his outfit that said “RWDS,” which refers to “Right Wing Death Squad.”

Although there has been no official statement on motivation, it is thought that RWDS is a right-wing neo-Nazi organization.

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