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Get insights on Stephen Keenan wikipedia and age details as his story is featured in the new Netflix documentary.

The most recent documentary on Netflix focuses on another sad incident that happened in the ocean as the globe recovers from the OceanGate submarine disaster.

The Deepest Breath, a film by Laura McGann, explores the world of freediving. In this extreme sport, competitors submerge themselves using only their breath and no oxygen tanks or scuba equipment.

The official description of the documentary states that it is “a look at the thrilling rewards — and inescapable risks — of chasing dreams through the depths of the ocean.”

The movie’s subjects are Alessia Zecchini and Stephen Keenan, two divers. It discusses their relationship and sporting careers before the catastrophe. So what transpired in Dahab, Egypt 2017, on that momentous day?

In the field of freediving, Stephen Keenan was an experienced safety diver. In the freediving world, Keenan was well-known for his commitment to safety diving.

The controversial documentary “The Deepest Breath” demonstrates freediving’s thrilling and dangerous accomplishments, an extreme sport that entails diving without using oxygen tanks.

Alessia Zecchini, an aspirational and beautiful Italian athlete, and Stephen Keenan, a brave Irish safety diver, are introduced to the audience in the movie.

Together, they embarked on a perilous journey to cross the Red Sea’s dangerous ‘Blue Hole.’

The Deepest Breath: Stephen Keenan Wikipedia Biography

Stephen Keenan has not been featured on the official page of the world’s famous encyclopedia, Wikipedia.

Irish safety diver Stephen became well-known and respected in the freediving community. Keenan, from Dublin, Ireland, became enamored with the activity while on vacation in Dahab, Egypt, in 2009.

After becoming enthralled by its difficulties and attraction, he decided to make freediving the center of his life.

Stephen Keenan Wikipedia
Stephen Kennan’s real-life story will be featured as a Netflix freediving movie. (Source: USA Today)

Keenan excelled as a diver and a safety diver throughout the years, becoming a highly skilled professional.

He committed his life to ensuring the security and welfare of freedivers on their ascents, a crucial aspect of the sport.

Keenan was a vital part of the freediving fraternity because of his knowledge and dedication to his fellow dives.

He did more than just perform the duties of a safety diver. Keenan co-founded Dahab Freedivers, an Egyptian freediving academy, in 2015.

He shared his expertise and love of the sport through training and mentoring with many students. Keenan profoundly influenced the people he worked with as a teacher and mentor.

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The Deepest Breath: How Old Is Stephen Keenan? Origin And Ethnicity

According to several reports, Stephen Keenan was 40 years old at his death. So, we can speculate that the freediver was born to his parents in 1977 in Dublin, Ireland.

Peter Keenan and Maura Keenan were the parents of Stephan. His family adored the Dubliner who perished in a freediving tragedy. He was a Glasnevin native with a close-knit family, including his father, Peter and brother Gary.

The family recently commemorated the passing of Stephen’s mother, former teacher Maura Keenan. The loss of Stephen suddenly broke their hearts because they had a close relationship.

Stephen Keenan age
Stephen Keenan was 40 years old at the time of his death. (Source: Scuba Diver Magzine)

Gary and Peter took a flight to Egypt to transport Stephen’s body back to Dublin so they could say their final goodbyes.

Keenan’s family honored his accomplishments and cherished their memories of him as a kind son and brother.

Before starting his freediving voyage, which took him to Egypt and where he stayed for almost eight years, he had studied microbiology at Trinity College.

Keenan’s relatives and friends recall him as a bright, daring person who embraced life to the fullest.

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