Ezra Miller Arrest

Ezra Miller’s arrest and charges have been questioned; people are curious to learn if he is still in jail. 

Miller is an American Actor whose pronouns are they/them. The Actor has appeared in The Flash season nine, which will be released this year.

They started his acting career in 2008; their first debut was Afterschool, an American Drama film. 

After they got portrayed in the series The Flash, people have been curious to learn more about them. 

Since 2022, Miller was accused of committing something illegal and followed through with the court until January 13, 2023. 

Read further to know where the Actor has been, and follow the news about their arrest and charges. 

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The Flash Actor Ezra Miller Arrest And Charge

The Actor got arrested on different charges since 2022; Miller he charged with harassment, which has been settled down. 

After the harassment charges, they were again charged with felony burglary on August 7, 2022. 

Police mentioned they broke into the neighborhood, stole alcohol bottles, and spent time watching television. 

The owner of the place complained about the file. And it was reported that the Actor was seen on the camera coming out of the apartment. 

After a week of investigation, they mentioned that it was the House of their childhood friend, and he had the key to the apartment.

They mentioned he was welcome anytime in the apartment, and they were there because their friend welcomed them and shared a key with them. 

Before being charged with felony burglary, they were arrested in Hawaii with two different charges, one of disorderly conduct and harassment and second-degree assault.

Ezra Miller claims in body-cam footage from their March 29 arrest in Hawaii
Ezra Miller claims in body-cam footage from their March 29 arrest in Hawaii. (Image Source: Page Six)

In the case of Hawaii, Miller paid a fine of $500 and $30 in court costs, and the charge was later dismissed.

Hawaii charges and the charge for breaking into someone’s House were going on for a long time, and he continued their acting career.

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Is Ezra Miller Still In Jail?

No, the Actor is out of jail; they pleaded not guilty to the charges in his appearance on October 17, 2022. 

The next hearing was scheduled for January 13, 2023, for the case of felony burglary charges.

The day before Miller hearing on January 13, they pleaded guilty to trespassing, leading to the burglary charge being dropped.

And the court approved Miller’s trespassing plea on January 13, 2023. They mentioned that it was not illegal as the apartment was of his childhood friend, and he was always welcomed there.

Since the charges got dropped, he has not been arrested or charged with anything illegal.

If you were curious and followed the news of his arrest, he has been out for a long time, and his charges got dropped on January 13, 2023.

Everyone is now waiting for the Actor to arrive in the last season of The Flash.

Ezra Miller Plays Barry Allen In The Flash
Ezra Miller Plays Barry Allen In The Flash. (Image Source: Koimoi)

The Flash season nine trailer and clips have been out; hopefully, you will see more of it; today, as the primer was on February 8, 2022.

You can see the primer of the show on The CW at around 8 pm and on other platforms. 

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