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The Glory’s Soo Hee was eight weeks pregnant when she died. Keep reading to find out more about her passing.

For a good reason, the Glory has quickly become one of the most talked-about shows on Netflix. Its gripping revenge storyline is masterfully crafted and brought to life by an incredibly talented cast, who deliver nuanced and powerful performances.

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But what truly sets this show apart is its ability to keep viewers on the edge of their seats with a jaw-dropping cliffhanger ending that leaves us all desperate for more. 

Lee So-e shines as Soo Hee in the show, adding to the already heartbreaking storyline alongside Dong-eun’s quest for revenge. In her tragic story, Dong-eun also seeks to avenge the wrongs done to Soo Hee, making the show a rollercoaster of emotions for viewers.

Was the Glory So Hee Pregnant Before *****?

Yes, So Hee from the Glory was pregnant before her *****. In The Glory Part 2, the mystery surrounding So-hee’s ***** takes center stage as Dong-eun unravels the truth behind Yeon-jin’s life.

The revelation that Yeon-jin was the one who killed So-hee comes as a devastating blow, compounded by the confusion surrounding Myeong-o’s mention of So-hee. Even Jae-jun’s alibi for the night in question raises more questions than answers.

The show keeps viewers on their toes as they try to decipher the truth behind the tragedy. The truth behind So-hee’s ***** is finally revealed in a heartbreaking flashback scene.

The Glory So Hee Pregnant
So Hee was eight weeks pregnant before her *****. ( Source: Twitter )

None of the characters knew that Yeon-jin was the one who killed So-hee until Dong-eun anonymously tipped off the Police. However, Yeon-jin’s mother had the lead detective under her thumb and could give the Police false evidence to cover up her daughter’s crime.

In a twist, it’s revealed that So-hee’s mother kept her name tag hidden in a security box. The Glory Part 2 deepens the tragedy surrounding So-hee’s ***** with new revelations, including an encounter between an older Dong-eun and So-hee’s mother at the hospital morgue.

So-hee’s mother begs Dong-eun to listen and reveals through ASL that Yeon-jin and the others are responsible for So-hee’s *****. In the present, Yeo-jeong discovers that So-hee’s body has been preserved in a freezer and that she was pregnant at the time of her *****, adding another layer of tragedy to the story. 

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The Glory: So Hee ***** – ****** or Suicide?

In Season 1, Part 1, Dong-eun sends Myeong-o to extract a ****** confession from Yeon-jin, who allegedly killed her former bully victim. Myeong-o gets murdered by an unknown assailant after requesting to meet with the group of bullies. The evidence points toward Yeon-jin being the killer.

The Glory fan paid tribute to Yoon So-hee’s ***** on Twitter. ( Source: Twitter )

Yoon So-hee, one of Yeon-jin’s former victims, died in high school from a fall. Her ***** was ruled a suicide, but her family remains skeptical, and her body has been kept in the morgue. Dong-eun witnessed So-hee’s fall and found Yeon-jin’s name tag in her hand, suggesting that Yeon-jin may have been responsible for her *****.

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Where and How To Watch The Glory?

This Korean Drama’s highly anticipated second season is finally available for streaming on Netflix. So, whether you’re a longtime fan or just discovering the show, you can now immerse yourself in the thrilling world of competitive gaming and follow the journeys of your favorite characters.

The Glory
You can watch The Glory on Netflix. ( Source: Heaven of Horror )

Get ready for more heart-pumping action, intense rivalries, and surprising plot twists in this latest installment of “The Glory” – all from the comfort of your home. You can watch it on Netflix.

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