The Sartorial Shooter Real Name

People are curious to know the real name of The Sartorial Shooter, who is the manager of Andrew Tate.

The controversial British-American influencer is no stranger to controversy, but ever since his legal issues, both his supporters and detractors have been watching every move he makes online.

The manager of Andrew Tate has updated the public on his condition while incarcerated and claims that he is now more driven than ever.

The rumored manager and close friend of Andrew and Tristan Tate, who goes by The Sartorial Shooter, assured supporters that the two are doing well two days after being questioned at DIICOT’s Bucharest offices.

Prosecutors told Sky News that the brothers had been held since December 29, 2022, on suspicion of rape, human trafficking, and criminal gang organizing. Each of them has refuted every accusation.

The Sartorial Shooter Real Name: Who Is Andrew Tate Manager?

The Sartorial Shooter is the moniker of Andrew Tate’s manager and best friend. He hasn’t, however, disclosed his real name.

Andrew Tate’s manager, The Sartorial Shooter assures he’s stronger than ever in Romania. (Source:

Tate has had a journey for the ages, going from an unknown former kickboxer to, at one point, being the most searched man online. But people mostly watch “Top G” because of his extravagant boasting of wealth and complete disregard for what other people think of his political leanings.

Tate became well-known in Internet culture due to his brazen and unrepentant attitude. After being arrested by the Police on suspicion of human trafficking and serving a 30-day detention, Andrew’s journey hasn’t been easy.

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Despite this, he maintains his innocence and believes that his alleged trillion-dollar fortune will enable him to escape this situation.

Romania Situation Updates From Andrew Tate Manager

The controversial British-American influencer is no stranger to controversy, but ever since his legal issues, his supporters and detractors have watched every move he makes online.

Andrew Tate Arrested
Andrew and his brother Tristan, along with two Romanian women, were arrested on December 29, 2022, (Source: YouTube)

Tate has repeatedly asserted that DIICOT has no evidence against him in a series of confident tweets. However, he hasn’t mentioned how he’s handling the circumstance in any of his messages. Fortunately, his manager was there to make things clear.

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According to a tweet by the Sartorial Shooter, the Tates are mentally rock-solid. He continued by saying that Andrew is more in touch with his faith than ever before and that they are as clear as they’ve ever been about their mission.

Andrew Tate Scheduled For Release

Authorities assert that the brothers were a part of a group that coerced women into producing explicit content, according to the BBC.

Despite being detained, the Tates have not been charged. Since they haven’t been charged, they haven’t had the opportunity to enter a guilty or not guilty plea.

They appeared in court on January 10 but were unsuccessful in their appeal of the decision to keep them detained longer. Additionally, their team was unable to recover the items they had taken during the raid, including a collection of opulent vehicles and real estate.

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The Tates are likely to remain in custody until February 27 as a result of an earlier this month decision to extend their detention by an additional 30 days.

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