Thirani Peiris Daughter

Who is Thirani Peiris Daughter, Netasha Peiris? Thirani Peiris is a beautician who runs a Salon based in Negombo.

Thirani Peiris daughter death news is going viral, and people want to know more about her. Peiris has been engaged in the business of beauty salons for ages.

Thirani Peiris International Academy Of Beauty is the name of her salon, and this page on Facebook has about 22k followers. 

Pursuing a beautician or cosmetologist career can offer prosperous and fulfilling opportunities.

Learning what a professional beautician does daily and the positive and negative aspects of this profession can help you decide whether a career as a beautician is a good fit for your life and goals.

If you want to be a beautician, you need to consider your hobbies and other variables like your desired salary and if you love interacting with people regularly.

Thirani Peiris Daughter Netasha Peiris Death news has gone viral; let’s learn more about it.

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Thirani Peiris Daughter Netasha Peiris Death & Obituary

Netasha Peiris, the cherished daughter of professional beautician Mrs. Tirani Peiris, died unexpectedly while traveling abroad.

Her parents were Mrs. Tirani Peiris, a beautician and lawyer Geetal Peiris. In that family, Netasha has only one older brother.

Thirani Peiris Daughter
Thirani Peiris Daughter Netasha Peiris death news. (Source: Gossip Lanka News)

According to the article, Netasha, who had completed her study at Monash University in Malaysia after finishing her A-Levels at Lyceum International School in 2020, became unwell and died at her house in Malaysia.

On social media, many artists have expressed their shock and grief over the tragic loss of Mrs. Tirani Peiris, who worked closely with the art community.

Obituary details of Thirani are yet to be revealed. May her soul rest in peace.

Thirani Peiris Husband Geetal Peiris

Thirani Peiris’s husband’s name is Geetal Peiris. It is sad news for both of them as their young daughter has to leave so soon, at a very young age.

Death details and posts are all over social media, and people are mourning over her young daughter’s death. 

We can see their daughter’s videos in her tiktok account. She was very good at lipsync and dancing. 

The average Beautician’s pay in the United States is $25,418; however, the compensation range frequently ranges between $22,015 and $29,416.

Thirani Peiris Daughter
Thirani Peiris is a famous Sri- Lanka-based beautician. (Source: Facebook)

Salary ranges can vary greatly depending on various things, including schooling, certifications, supplementary talents, and the number of years you have worked in your field.

From this information, we can estimate that Thirani Peiris has quite an excellent net worth and has achieved a lot because of her salon. 

The death of her daughter saddens us. May Netasha Peiris’s soul rest in peace.

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