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A famous Journalist from the Netherlands, Thomas Lepeltak, passed away on April 25, 2023. Get details on Thomas Lepeltak Wikipedia and age from this article.

Thomas Lepeltak, aka Stan Huygens, has written daily articles for 35 years about the Dutch Society for De Telegraaf. Many people wanted to feature in his “Stan Huygens Journal.”

Celebrity chefs frequently treated Spoon Branch to lobster and caviar because it was liked and feared.

We are familiar with Lepeltak as a pur-sung Journalist with a loud laugh, a fat cigar in his mouth, a tie he wears daily, and an unbreakable raincoat.

He encountered his close buddies frequently; they were his entire universe.

Van Zadelhoff, Rost Onnes, Nordholt, Prince Bernhard, Tonio Hildebrand, and Tjerk Westerterp, all members of the Duisenberg family, occasionally appeared in his well-read Telegraaf column.

The Stan Huygens Journal served as both his home and quiet weapon.

Thomas Lepeltak Wikipedia: Who Was He?

No, Thomas Lepeltak is yet to feature on the official page of Wikipedia. Not even Wikipedia from his region has listed him on the site.

However, Wikipedia has mentioned his name as the face of Stan Huygens Journal. The society section of the Dutch daily newspaper De Telegraaf is called the Stan Huygens Journal.

The reader is brought up to date on the successes and failures of diplomats, politicians, business people, and well-known Dutch individuals.

Thomas Lepeltak Wikipedia
Thomas Lepeltak was one of the famous Journalist from the Netherlands. (Source: De Telegraaf)

This information is richly illustrated with photographs shot at receptions and parties. Gastronomy and wines are topics that keep coming up.

The Stan Huygens Journal took on a public persona thanks to Lepeltak, who penned the column between 1971 and 2003.

He was succeeded by Sjuul Paradijs in 2003, and Willem Kool took over as the new “Stan Huygens” in 2005. Midway through 2021, Pieter Klein Beernink succeeded him as Section Leader.

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Thomas Lepeltak Age: How Old Was The Journalist?

Thomas Lepeltak was 83 years old at the time of his passing. He was born in 1940.

The exact month and date of his birth are not available for public disclosure. In addition, we have no information on his parents.

Since there was no information about his parents, including their identity, we couldn’t determine his origin and ethnicity.

Thomas Lepeltak age
Thomas Lepeltak dies at the age of 83. (Source: NOS)

He worked in the field of journalism for 32 years and finally left in 2003. Later, he wrote novels on successful Dutch businesspeople who rose through the ranks.

Diplomats, top business people, dignitaries, and illustrious noblemen. Thomas was a little child at home, said his former employer on his demise.

He reported on the inner workings of politicians and well-known Dutch personalities for decades, including pictures from parties and receptions.

According to the publication, he was the first Journalist to learn that Máxima was then-crown Prince Willem-Alexander’s girlfriend.

After The Departure Of Thomas Lepeltak From Stan Huygens Journal

Lepeltak steadily disappeared from view after leaving De Telegraaf; however, he continued to attend the café Welling in Amsterdam South, which is located behind the Concertgebouw.

His extensive wine collection was auctioned off. In addition, He also started writing novels on successful Dutch businesspeople who rose through the ranks.

Spelling errors with names in the section were considered a terrible offense by the society chronicler and were printed in bold italics for many years.

Lepeltak did not just work for Stan Huygens Journal but is remembered as Stan Huygens itself.

One of his former workers maintained his column after he left De Telegraaf, although it hasn’t achieved anywhere near Lepeltak’s level of success.

To ensure that the oracle Lepeltak remained in “honor,” program creator and real estate agent Harrie Mens often featured Lepeltak in his Sunday morning broadcast.

In his broadcast on Sunday, Mens will reflect on the passing of one of the most remarkable journalists in the Netherlands.

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