German football Thomas Muller nose

German forward Thomas Muller nose has different views, and numerous online users have called for his nose snips in making memes.

The Internet revolves around a couple of comical gags now and then; the new one involving Muller’s nose is next in the score.

Bayern Munich OG forward Thomas Muller was one of the most underrated players in the German squad. Likewise, Muller was the key player in the 2021 European league titles for Bayern.

Likewise, he scored 23 goals in the 2012-2013 season for Bayern. The excellent forward made his international debut with the German national Football Team in 2010. Also, under Muller’s play, the German squad lifted the World Cup in 2014 in Brazil.

Similarly, Bayern Munich striker Muller won the Golden Boot in the 2010 Fifa World Cup. Moreover, The Guardian ranked him the fifth-top-class footballer worldwide in 2014.

Moreover, Bayern Munich No. 1 is the most decorated German player in history, with thirty-two trophies for the squad.

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What Is Wrong With Thomas Muller Nose?

Bayern Forward Thomas Muller’s nose has been the center of attention for many of his fan base.

Thomas Muller nose
Thomas Muller has a long and pointy nose. (Source: FC Bayern)

While glancing at his portraits, Muller has opted to leave his nose natural. He preferred not to get his nose job done. 

Since Muller has a long, pointy nose, many prefer it, while others discard his facial look.

Moreover, it seems like he cares less about his facial aspect and is more focused on playing games to improve his professional records.

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Is Thomas Muller Teeth Making Him Viral In Memes?

German striker Thomas Muller is widely famous for his football talent. But, the player has also received the spotlight for his broad teeth, which visibly attract attention. 

Thomas Muller Teeth
Thomas Muller was biting his Liga medal. (Source: Dream Team)

Hence, many Internet meme pages, mainly about football, have attached Muller’s picture of funny contexts.

Besides, Muller has not concerned about his teeth. He has less to focus on his teeth and more on his game. Also, the man feels more confident about himself, which motivates others to do the same. 

As everyone is made differently, it becomes evident that they stand out uniquely.

Furthermore, the German forward player is active on Instagram with constant updates on his photos about his professional lifestyle. 

Net Worth Of Thomas Muller

As of this writing, German football player Thomas Muller’s net worth is $55 million. Likewise, the player’s salary is a whopping $16 million.

The exceptional soccer player has managed to lead his team to victory in any circumstances.

Under his nose, Bayern won several league title cups and two-time Champion league titles.

Similarly, the German national squad won the Fifa World Cup title in 2014 in Brazil. Muller was considered the key player on their road to victory.

Hence, Bayern pays him well enough to keep Muller by their side until his retirement.

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