Thomas Partey Parents

Thomas Partey parents have been a top topic of discussion; learn about Jacob Partey and Petty via this article. 

Thomas Partey is a well-known professional football player representing Ghana in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. 

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The athlete has represented his country in the Africa Cup of Nations three times, along with the FIFA World Cup.

He plays defensive midfielder for the Premier League, Arsenal, and the national team. The footballer started his career at a very young age and was always clear about his career path. 

Partey was engaged in Atlético Madrid before joining Arsenal. He announced signing a long-term contract with Arsenal in 2020. 

Besides his professional information, his parents have always been a top-searched topic on the Internet. So, read further to find out about them in detail.

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Thomas Partey Parents: Who Is His Father, Jacob Partey, And Mother Petty?

Followers of the professional football player Thomas Partey know Jacob Partey and Petty Partey as his parents; they are proud parents.

Jacob and his wife Petty welcomed Thomas on 13 June 1993 in Krobo Odumase, Ghana.

Similarly, Partey parents supported his career; they were seen in a restaurant in Qatar during the World Cup 2022. 

They were present in Qatar to support their son, and they seem to be proud parents. The closer information about his mother has not been disclosed, but she is often seen in pictures. 

Thomas Partey with his Parents at Qatar during 2022 World Cup.
Thomas Partey with his Parents in Qatar during the 2022 World Cup. (Image Source: GhanaWeb)

Partey’s Father was a football coach; it has yet to be mentioned where he got involved as a coach. But he taught his son about football from a very young age.

Likewise, his mother, Petty, worked as a trader for a long time and was a very brave and hard-working mother.

Partey’s parents work very hard to keep up with their family, and he was raised with a brother, Godwin Partey.

Along with his parents, he shares a great relationship with his brother in the family, but he has not disclosed his sibling’s information. 

The player’s family has kept a shallow profile; often, people avoid media and sources and focus on their life. 

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Thomas Partey Religion And Ethnicity

Thomas Partey is originally from Krobo Odumase, Ghana, so he holds Ghanaian nationality, and his ethnicity/race is Black. 

Many sources have mentioned his ethnicity as African, which can also be confirmed as Ghana is a country in West Africa, and most people belong to African nationality. 

The professional football player has not moved to any other country since birth; his parents also belonged to the African ethnicity and have held Ghanaian nationality since inception.

Also, his pictures and appearance show that he belongs to the Black race. Everyone in his family belongs to the Black race.

Moving on to the player’s religion, he has been following Christianity since birth and was born into a Christan family. 

Gary Neville has identified Arsenal’s most important player this season as Thomas Partey.
Gary Neville has identified Arsenal’s most important player this season as Thomas Partey. (Image Source: UK Sports)

Many of his fans and followers have been confused about his religion, but it has always been publicly mentioned.

Partey saw his parents follow Christianity and had faith in it since his birth, so he followed in his parent’s footsteps. 

People who follow Christianity have their own culture, festive, and way of celebration; they visit Church and pray for Jesus Christ. 

Christianity is unique in its way and has been the most followed religion in Ghana. 

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