Tiger Vivian

Tiger Vivian viral video is trending on the internet, and everyone is eager to know what the incident is all about. Find out more details here.

Tiger Vivian is said to be a TikTok personality who is registered on the platform under the username @tiq404. At the time of this post, Vivian has already amassed over 17k followers.

Her followers are gradually growing, and she regularly shares videos on her TikTok handle. Furthermore, Vivian has been active on TikTok since 2022 and has been sharing the video.

Meanwhile, her first video on TikTok was shared on April 12, 2022, which was about her father and mother. Gradually, she started getting followers.

Currently, her name is trending on the internet, mainly on Twitter and TikTok, as her alleged private video was leaked.

Tiger Vivian Viral Video And Tape Explored

Tiger Vivian is making headlines as her viral video and tape have been searched by many people on the web. The viral video was shared on social media groups, and it has gone viral on TikTok.

Vivian’s news is making rounds on various social media platforms. Exploring the videos and every news available on the web, it seems like the TikTok personality was involved in an intimate moment with a boy.

Tiger Vivian Viral Video
Tiger Vivian is a TikTok personality whose alleged private video got leaked on various social media platforms. (Source: Twitter)

The name of the boy has not been revealed, but some sources say that Vivian was involved in an explicit moment with her friend’s boyfriend.

When the video was posted on social media groups, people were shocked, and later, it started making rounds on other platforms. Some people have even shared the tape on adult sites.

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Watch Tiger Vivian Footage On Twitter And Reddit

As said earlier, Tiger Vivian is making headlines due to her private video, which was allegedly leaked. The viral video is also trending on Twitter and Reddit.

Many users on these platforms have posted the video saying that Tiger was seen in an explicit moment with a man. A Twitter handle has talked about the matter of Vivian.

Tiger Vivian Footage
Tiger Vivian footage has gone viral on various social media platforms, including Twitter and Reddit. (Source: Twitter)

It has been said that Vivian was having fun with her friend’s boyfriend. The moment was captured by themselves in a bathroom. 

More to this, many people are sharing their thoughts regarding the viral video, and some are still confused about this scandal.

All About Tiger Vivian Scandal and Controversy

The scandal of Tiger Vivian is going viral. A Twitter handle registered as @withAlvin__ has talked about the matter and has given all the details about the controversy related to Vivian.

As per the tweet, Tiger is a student of Delta State University Abraka. They recorded the video themselves, and reportedly, Vivian gave him permission to record the moment.

Later, the video was leaked. When the video went viral, Vivian received backlash on social media. As said earlier, she has a TikTok account.

Tiger Vivian Scandal
Tiger Vivian shared a video after her private tape went viral, and she was trolled by many of her TikTok followers. (Source: TikTok)

From her TikTok account, Vivian has shared various videos, and recently, she uploaded a video with the caption, “If joblessness was a person.”

In the video, Vivian’s followers talked about her recent viral video and trolled the TikTok personality. A person in the comment section wrote, “Just from telegram and passing by.”

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