Tillu Tajpuriya

The jailed gangster, Tillu Tajpuriya, was killed by the Jitendra Gogi Gang In Tihar Jail. Here is what we know about Tillu Tajpuriya death and obituary. 

The late jailed gangster Sunil Balyan, who was famously known as Tillu Tajpuriya death news, is swirling all over the media sources. ‘

The death news of the gangster has filled the online sources. As per the sources, he was beaten to death allegedly by rival gangsters inside Tihar Jail on Tuesday. 

For those who don’t know, Tillu was a resident of Tajpur Village Alipur in Delhi, and he was arrested in 2016 an accusation of multiple crimes. 

Similarly, in 2021, his name was linked to the murder of Jitender Maan, also known as Gogi, inside a courtroom at the Rohini Courts complex.

Tillu and Gogi were friends back then in 2009-10, and their rivalry began after supporting different candidates in elections at Swami Shraddhanand College in outer Delhi.

Details On Tillu Tajpuriya Death And Obituary

The death news of the 33 years old, Tillu Tajpuriya is currently trending all over online sources and various websites have covered the news and talked about his death. 

The late gangstar was beaten to death inside Tihar jail, and many people have shared the news via various online portals, including Twitter. 

Tillu Tajpuriya death
Tillu Tajpuriya was attacked by Jitendra Gogi Gang in Tihar Jail. (Source: Twitter)

Whereas his supporters are also mourning the death of Tillu. The news circulated within a second, and detailed information can be seen from the available online posts and tweets. 

The incident occurred today and has become a big news headline on the internet. The police authority confirmed his death news. Similalry, Tillu was rushed to the hospital immediately but was declared dead. 

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Tillu Tajpuriya Murdered By Jitendra Gogi Gang In Tihar Jail

Tillu Tajpuriya was 33 years old at the time of his death. While exploring the latest news, Tajpuriya was attacked by a group of rival gang members, mostly believed to be the Gogi Gang. 

As per the reports, Tillu had a connection with the death of gangster Jitendra Gogi. Similarly, four gangsters of the Gogi’s gang were housed on the first floor of Jail Number-9.

Tillu Tajpuriya
Mirror Now tweeting about the death of Tillu Tajpuriya. (Source: Twitter)

The Tihar jails reported that Tillu was beaten with an iron rod called ‘sua’ and stabbed 40 times. Similalry, the officials reported that they cut the iron grill of their cell and jumped to the ground floor with the help of a sheet.

Likewise, the police authorities also suspect that there is Rohit Moi’s hand in the murder as he is the right hand of Gogi. As said earlier, Tillu and Gogi were friends and started having differences after supporting different candidates at the election. 

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Tillu Tajpuriya Wife- Was He Married?

The tragic news of Indian gangstar Tillu Tajpuriya has left his supporters and family sad. Similarly, people are searching for his wife and marriage details. 

According to the sources, Tillu was not married. He was born to the Jat family and had three siblings. Similarly, his father was an employee at the Delhi Municipal Corporation. 

Also, Tajpuriya was a devotee of Lord Shiva, and he was survived by his parents, who must have been going through a big loss. 

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