Tim Olsen wife

Dominique Ogilvie is the former wife of the prominent Australian artist Tim Olsen. The couple were married for a few years and welcomed a son before parting ways.

Tim Olsen is a household name in the Australian art world. He is also known as the son of renowned artist John Olsen.

Tim Olsen’s father was also one of the most accomplished artists. However, Tim worked hard and got out of the shadow of his dad’s success.

According to his website, Tim Olsen is one of Australia’s most recognized and respected art identities and successful gallery owners.

Besides his professional success, the skilled artist leads a happy family, including a lovely wife and an adorable son.

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Who Is Tim Olsen Wife Dominique Ogilvie?

Dominique Ogilvie was married to Time Olsen. It was love at first sight for the Olsen-Ogilvie pair.

In an interview, Tim Olsen disclosed that he got engaged to his former wife, Dominique Ogilvie, within a month of crossing paths.

“I was in love and felt safe with her,” said the 61-year-old artist. The couple welcomed a son during their time together.

As time passed by, Tim and his ex-wife agreed that they were very different people. They got divorced but maintained a strong relationship.

Tim Olsen wife
Dominique Ogilvie (pictured above) is a fashion and licensed real estate agent. (Image Source: The Australian)

Dominique Ogilvie wasn’t Tim’s first wife. Before his union with Ogilvie, the artist was married to Harrie France.

Olsen met his first spouse when he was 29 years old. Harriet France was an equestrian. The former couple had a society wedding ceremony at Darling Point with a horse-drawn carriage to the reception.

According to Tim, he and his first wife were young and a bit silly. The former lovebirds parted ways long ago, but they remain good friends. The Olsen-France couple didn’t welcome any kids.

Meet Tim Olsen Son James

James is the only son of Tim Olsen, whom he shares with his former wife, Dominique Ogilvie.

The prominent artist welcomed his only child, James, with his second wife, in the early 2000s. James was still young when Tim and Dominique went their separate ways.

However, the former married duo maintained a good relationship, although their marriage couldn’t last long. Thus, James must have grown up spending time equally with his father and mother.

In addition, James must share a close-knitted bond with his parents.

Tim Olsen Father John Olsen Passed Away

As mentioned above, Tim Olsen is the son of renowned artist John Olsen. Tim Olsen’s mother is Valerie Strong (John Olsen’s second wife). Tim has a sister, Louise.

Tim Olsen wife
Tim Olsen (right) with his father, John Olsen. (Image Source: The Guardian)

Valerie Strong is also an artist. In addition, she is the co-founder of the homewares and jewelry brand Dinosaur Designs.

Sadly, John Olsen passed away on Tuesday evening at his home in New South Wales, surrounded by his family.

Tim and his sister Louise issued a statement on Wednesday, saying, “Our dad was a titan of the world of art, loved by many in Australia and around the world, but to us, he was dad, in all the beautiful humaneness, complexity, and humanity that word encapsulates.”

According to John Olsen’s children, he was excited to see his artwork displayed on the Opera House sails during VIvid Sydney coming month. Additionally, the family had planned to reserve a hotel by the harbor for the first night.

John Olsen was married four times and had three children – Tim, Louise, and Jane Olsen. Mary Flower – who died in 2009 – is Jane Olsen’s mother.

Noela Hjorth and Katharine Howard are John Olsen’s third and fourth wives.

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