Pat Robertson Son

Discover the information about Pat Robertson son, Tim Robertson. Find out information about his Wikipedia, age, and siblings. 

Pat Robertson, a renowned religious broadcaster known for transforming a small Virginia station into the influential Christian Broadcasting Network, and shaping the role of religion in American politics through his Christian Coalition, has passed away at 93.

His broadcasting network shared the news of his demise without disclosing the cause of death.

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Who Is Tim Robertson, Pat Robertson Son? Wikipedia 

Tim Robertson was born to Pat and Dede Robertson. Their wedding was on August 27, 1954, in Elkton, Maryland.

As per Opoyi, Dede was already expecting their first child, Timothy, at the time of their wedding, and he was delivered ten weeks later.

Tim Robertson, the eldest son of Pat Robertson, plays a significant role in carrying forward his father’s religious beliefs. In the late 1980s, Tim assumed leadership of CBN while his father pursued a presidential campaign.

Tim Robertson’s involvement in CBN has spanned various roles, including hosting and producing television programs.

Pat Robertson Son
Tim Robertson was born to Pat and Dede Robertson in the year 1954. (Image Source:MinistryWatch)

Tim has contributed to the growth and development of the network, expanding its influence in the realm of Christian media.

However, He faced public scrutiny due to allegations about his birth and his parents’ wedding day. Despite this, he persevered and has since built a family.

Tim is married to author and motivational speaker Lisa N. Robertson, with whom he shares five children and has been blessed with ten grandchildren.

He has shared specific information about his children and wife in public and has preferred to keep his information private. 

With a solid commitment to the teachings of the Bible and a steadfast belief in the power of prayer, Tim Robertson continues to follow in his father’s footsteps.

Tim Robertson Age: How Old Is He?

Based on the information provided, if Tim Robertson were born ten weeks after the wedding of Pat and Dede Robertson on August 27, 1954, his birthdate would fall approximately in the same year, 1954.

Which makes him 70 years old. Tim is the eldest of all his siblings. 

Despite being primarily recognized as Pat’s son, Tim Robertson has established his reputation and achieved success through his accomplishments and performance.

Tim Robertson Siblings 

Tim is the eldest of all, sharing three younger siblings, Gordon, Elizabeth, and Ann. 

Gordon is the current CEO of CBN and occasionally appears on “The 700 Club.”

He also leads Operation Blessing, CBN’s charitable organization. He resides in Virginia with his wife, Katharyn Robertson, and they have three grown children.

Pat Robertson Son
Tim Robertson sibling, Gordon Robertson pictured with his father Pat. (Image Source:

Elizabeth and Ann Robertson have chosen to keep their personal lives private and away from the public eye, focusing on raising their families. Consequently, only a little information is available about them.

During one episode of their father’s show, Elizabeth made a single appearance alongside her brother Tim.

They discussed their experiences growing up in a Christian household during the early days of CBN.

While Tim Robertson has maintained a public presence due to his involvement in CBN and his father’s legacy, his siblings have opted for more private lives.

Each has pursued their path, with Gordon taking on leadership roles within CBN and Elizabeth and Ann dedicating themselves to their families and personal endeavors.

Despite their varying levels of public visibility, the Robertson siblings share a common bond and upbringing rooted in their Christian background.

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