Tina Montinaro

Netizens are concerned about Tina Montinaro Figli (children) Gaetano And Giovanni Montinaro. Who was she married to? Here is what we know about Tina’s kids and husband (Marito). 

Tina Montinaro is famously known as the wife of Antonio Montinaro. Besides, Tina is a supporter of the Mafia Victims Association. 

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Montinaro is also known for her faithfulness toward raising awareness among young people in the battle against the mafia. Basically, people also know her as the promoter of the mafia victims association.

Tina’s husband, Antonio, was an Italian policeman and an assistant to the state police. Similarly, he was on board an escort of the first of three armored cars which attended the magistrate. 

Additionally, people adore Tina’s free speech and the way she stands for Mafia Victims. Tina speaks for herself and the whole Mafia Victims with great bitterness. 

Tina Montinaro Figli Gaetano And Giovanni Montinaro

Tina Montinaro was married to Antonio Montinaro. After her husband’s death, this has often been questioned about her figli as people are concerned about her family life. 

So talking about her kids, she is the mother of two, Gaetano And Giovanni Montinaro.

As there is nothing much accessible about her family life, it is more challenging for us to talk about her kids at the moment. 

Tina Montinaro Figli
Tina Montinaro with her husband photo in the garden of Palazzo. (Source: Instagram)

Tina has always remained transparent about her professional career and work but has never shared openly about her kids and other family details yet. 

Therefore, this remains mysterious for us to talk about Tina’s kids as they have also remained away from the media limelight as Tina’s kids must prefer maintaining a low-key life. 

Exploring Tina’s bio on the online sources, we came to know that Tina’s husband died at 29, leaving her and two kids, Gaetano And Giovanni Montinaro, who were four years old and two years old, respectively.

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Tina Montinaro Marito (Husband) Antonio Montinaro

Along with Tina Montinaro’s professional career, she is mostly known for her married life with Antonio Montinaro. As said earlier, he was an Italian policeman who served as the assistant to the state police.

Montinaro was 29 years old when he left his wife and kids behind. He and three two others were killed during the explosion that occurred at 17:57 on the A29 freeway at the Capaci junction.

Exploring his Wiki bio, another agent named Vito Schifani was in the brown sedan with agent Rocco Dicillo.

Falcone was driving the white Croma, observed by the third and last blue Croma. 

The three agents didn’t immediately as the explosion area their car was hit with such force that it was hurled ten meters away from the road in the olive field. 

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What Happened To Tina Montinaro Husband?

Tina Montinaro’s husband, Antonio Montinaro, died at 29 in an explosion on May 23, 1992. Antonio and two other agents were killed in the same explosion. 

Tina Montinaro
Tina Montinaro Antonio Montinaro and two other agents were killed in the explosion. (Source: Twitter)

Similarly, Antonio is buried in Palermo in the cemetery of Santa Maria dei Rotoli.

In memory of Antonio, the Municipality of Calimera has named a square with a small monument that consists of a boulder dragged from the site of the attack and a Sicilian Mandarin tree. 

Antonio will be remembered for his support and loyalty towards his work and service from 1981 – 1992.

Also, a movie named I forgive you, but LA7 launched Kneel by Claudio Bonivento refreshes the life of the three Police officers who lost their lives in a bomb attack.

The story was written by the wife of agent Vito Schifani, Rosaria Costa Schifani.

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