Tina Montinaro Wikipedia

People want to know about Antonio Montinaro wife, Tina Montinaro Wikipedia. Antonio Montinaro was an Italian policeman.

Montinaro was on board the first of three armored cars (three Fiat Croma) that escorted the magistrate, who had just arrived in Palermo from Rome.

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Vito Schifani drove the brown sedan, with agent Rocco Dicillo in the rear seat.

Falcone drove the white Croma, followed by the third and last blue Croma, which also carried his wife Francesca Morvillo and, behind him, the judicial chauffeur Giuseppe Costanza.

The three agents were killed instantly in the explosion, which occurred at 17:57 on the A29 freeway at the Capaci junction.

Since their car was hit with such force that it was hurled into an olive field more than ten meters from the road surface. Let’s get to know more about Tina Montinaro Wikipedia and other details.

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Tina Montinaro Wikipedia Details

Talking about Tina Montinaro Wikipedia she is yet to be mentioned on it.

She is a supporter of the Mafia Victims Association. The wife of Antonio Montinaro, who was slain in the Capaci massacre on May 23, 1992, has been traveling to Italy for many years to speak about her husband’s sacrifice.

Tina devoted his entire life to raising awareness among young people in the battle against the mafia, thanks to the ‘Quarto Savona Fifteen organization that he now presides over.

Tina Montinaro Wikipedia
Tina Montinaro Wikipedia details. (Source: Italy 24 Press News)

Her husband lost a struggle that day in Capaci, but the mafia lost in the end. She was defeated in a war she had launched against the state.

If they are still here today, if she can go over Italy recounting the stories of these guys, dads, husbands, and kids, it implies that the mafia that mafia has lost.

The mafia of killings and explosives has been defeated.

Tina Montinaro Età: How Old Is Antonio Montinaro Wife?

Tina Montinaro Età is around 59 years. The woman talks with considerable venom, her rage growing in response to the news of the liberation of hundreds of gangsters. Here’s what she said to AGI:

When she learned of the freed bosses, she was filled with rage and shame for what her husband had done to this state.”

And for what she and her children have continued to provide after 28 years of spending every day in school with youngsters.

Also, they let them out first, then bring them back: but what credibility does this state have? They threw lost over 30 years of anti-mafia activism.

Tina Montinaro Wikipedia
Tina Montinaro husband Antonio Montinaro. (Source: Wikipedia)

The government signed a new decree prohibiting the leaks, but Tina Montinaro believes it is insufficient, and the truth about the Capaci atrocity remains fragmentary.

When she speaks of the state, she is referring to the men who govern it, not the institutions.” She has always felt abandoned by this state. Nevertheless, she went ahead because she agreed with our anti-mafia stance.

However, it is evident that these are ongoing humiliations since complete light has not been produced in 28 years of trials, and it is intolerable.

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