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Many fans are curious to know Tiziana Rivale Figli. Italian singer Tiziana Rivale is best known for the Italo disco movement. 

With the song “Sarà quel che sarà,” she took home the Sanremo Music Festival trophy in 1983.

Rivale took first place in the main competition with the song “Sarà quel che sarà” in the 1983 Domenica-organized selection that decided who would participate in the 32nd Sanremo Music Festival.

The song was Rivale’s most significant commercial achievement as well; it spent twelve weeks at No. 5 on the Italian music charts.

Tiziana Rivale Figli With Her Marito: Meet Her Family

Sadly, the singer seems a little secretive about her personal information as she has not shared anything regarding her Figli and Marito. 

She has kept every detail about her family under wraps as there is also no information about her parents, siblings, etc., anywhere on the internet.

However, we do know that she was born in Formia, Italy, on 13 August 1958, which makes her 65 years old as of 2023.

Tiziana Rivale Net Worth 2023

Tiziana has yet to reveal her exact net worth to the public. However, according to All Famous Birthday, the singer has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million as of 2023.

Even though the singer is wealthy, she does not seem to enjoy spending money as she does not post pictures of herself in luxury cars, branded clothes, or anywhere on the internet.

Tiziana Rivale
Tiziana Rivale honoring Guglielmo Mollicone through her tweet. (Source: Twitter)

Sadly, the singer does not also have an Instagram account, so no further information on her was found. However, she does have a Twitter account where she goes by the handle @tiziana_rivale.

She has over 2k followers there and over 1500 tweets. She mostly shares pictures of her kittens, news, and other things there as a way of interacting with her fans.

Tiziana Rivale Career

After securing a contract with WEA Italiana, she acquired her long-lasting stage name Tiziana Rivale and recorded her debut song under this name, “L’amore VA,” shortly after.

She was a self-taught singer who had been working on television jingles with musicians like Ivana Spagna and Ronnie Jones at the same time.

By the end of the 1980s, as the genre’s popularity began to decline, Rivale progressively turned her attention to living musical performances, primarily appearing in club settings and making few television appearances.

Rivale took a hiatus from the music business between 1988 and 1992 and relocated to Los Angeles before returning to Italy and continuing her musical career.

Tiziana Rivale career
Tiziana Rivale performing on Stage. (Source: Viaggi News)

Following the publication of her lone compilation album Il meglio, the albums Con tutto l’amore che c’è and Angelo biondo.

After that, Rivale joined the vintage record Company Flashback Records. The lead track, “Ash,” from her sixth studio album Mystic Rain, was highly welcomed upon release.

It is also regarded as one of the best current Italo disco tracks. Under comparable vintage labels, Rivale released two more studio albums: True and the bilingual Babylon 2015.

Even though none of these new albums could reach the charts, they were all made broadly available as her older records were more widely re-released and marketed abroad.

Rivale is still making new music and performing in retro clubs throughout Italy.

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