Tlou Tess Death

Tlou Tess’s ***** on The Last of Us has made people anxious to learn about the upcoming episode. How did he die? 

The Last of Us is a 2013 action-adventure game, people have been watching the show for a long time, and the show has gained thousands of fans.

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The Last of Us has revealed the second upsetting character’s ***** in a week, and people have been traumatized to discover Tess’s *****.

Get to learn about how Tess died and the reason behind her ***** in the show from this article; this might be Spoilers ahead for The Last of Us Episode 2. This article will include everything you need to learn about episode 2. 

Tlou Tess *****: Yes, Tess Dies In The Last of Us

The first scene of Episode 2’s opening in Indonesia and Episode 1’s talk show explained that The Last of Us had been devoted to explaining how this infection works more than the games ever did.

The trio, Joel (Pedro Pascal), Ellie (Bella Ramsey), and Tess (Anna Torv), enter a dangerous museum. After entering the museum, they come face-to-face with two Clickers.

The trio fights together; they sneak and use the same gun and work together and can get both Clickers out.

They were happy about kicking them out, but one of the Clickers bites Ellie, but she is safe and continues because of her immunity, but she was not the one. Tess was also bitten by one of them, and she was infected.

The Last of Us HBO Series Set Footage Reveals Best Look at Ellie, Joel, and Tess in Boston QZ.
The Last of Us HBO Series Set Footage Reveals Best Look at Ellie, Joel, and Tess in Boston, QZ. (Source: Den Of Geek)

Then, she asked her partner to leave her behind and help the kid, she was all alone, and her ingestion came in a massive explosion that made her hard to survive; she might died in that place where there was a massive explosion.

Still, many people believe that Tess will return, but it is not sure. Everyone is hoping to see Tess in the next episode.

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How Did Tlou Tess Die?

Anna Torv has been playing the character of Tess in the game, The Last of Us. Tess was found dead in episode 2.

While fighting Clickers, Ellie was the one, who claimed she was bitten in the museum, but she survived because of her immunity.

But Tess was also the one who was infected; she had limited time to survive. And, as she became a superhero, she knocked over gasoline drums and reasoned with Joel during her limited time.

The horde was coming over, and Tess begged her friend to take the kid with her friends, as she was infected once. 

Joel was not okay with leaving her friend in that condition, but Tess convinced her, saying, “I never ask you for anything, not to feel the way I felt,” Tess pleads.

“This is your chance. You get her there. You keep her alive. And you set everything right, all the shit we did. Please say yes, Joel. Please.”

Jole was not convinced leaving his friend Tess, Without Tess, there would be no The Last of Us
Jole was not convinced to leave his friend Tess; without Tess, there would be no The Last of Us. (Source: Vice)

With that, Joel left her there with Ellie. Tess was in the corner suffering to light up the lighter, and one of the Runners spotted her and forced its fungi-coated tongue down her throat, but Tess’ lighter finally worked and was able to Fire the runners.

“Infected” ends with a massive explosion that takes out the horde and salty smuggler, which killed Tess, and with that episode, two ended.

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