Tom Netherton

Was Tom Netherton Gay? American singer passed away in 2018, but the topic of his personal life still makes rounds on the internet. Find out more info here.

Tom Netherton was an American singer and actor who was best known for his appearances on the popular television variety show The Lawrence Welk Show, which aired from 1955 to 1982. 

On The Lawrence Welk Show, Netherton showcased his baritone voice and sang a wide range of songs, including pop standards, show tunes, and gospel music.

After his time on The Lawrence Welk Show, Netherton continued to perform in various musical productions and concerts. He also released several albums throughout his career.

Unfortunately, Tom passed away on January 7, 2018, aged 70, from pneumonia and the flu just four days before his 71st birthday.

Was Tom Netherton Gay?

No, Tom Netherton was not gay, but the rumors stayed in the media prominence for a long time. Many online sources have also shared the news regarding this topic.

However, there were no facts about Tom being gay. In the past, there have been records of some figures making rounds on the internet due to the fake rumors of their personal life that circulates without any truth.

Tom Netherton Gay
Tom Netherton was not gay, but the rumors have remained in the media for a long time. ( Source: InForum )

In the same way, Tom may have become the victim of the same incident which came into the limelight without facts. Despite all the rumors of his sexuality, Tom never said anything about it openly.

In addition to that, it can be said that Netherton preferred to keep his mouth shut rather than talk about the fake rumors.

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All About Tom Netherton Gender And Sexuality

Tom Netherton gender was male, and it often got into the public light as people wanted to know about Tom’s sexuality. It all started after rumors of Tom being gay were shared.

There were no facts about Tom being gay, and considering this fact, it can be confirmed that Netherton’s sexual preference was straight.

Tom Netherton Gender
Tom Netherton sexuality dragged the eyes of many people and his sexual preference was straight. ( Source: Facebook )

Not to mention, the rumors of his sexuality may have risen as Tom never married in his life, and there were no records of having a wife.

Due to the lack of information about it, the media sources have not been able to give the facts related to Netherton’s life.

Tom Netherton Relationship Before Death

Just like the topic of his sexuality, fans and followers also ask questions related to Tom Netherton’s relationship status before death. 

For your information, there were no facts of Tom having a girlfriend or a partner. As stated earlier, Tom was never married in his life.

In the same way, Tom was also a private person who preferred to keep everything related to his personal matters to himself rather than share the info with the tabloids.

Tom Netherton Relationship
Tom Netherton was single at the time of his passing, and there were no records of him having a partner. ( Source: Facebook )

Likewise, Netherton never had a public romantic affair with anyone and was not linked with any figures from the showbiz industry.

Considering everything accessible in the media, it can be confirmed that Netherton was single and led a solitary life. Not to mention, Tom didn’t have much activeness on social media, making it more challenging to know about his life. 

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