Tomaso Schena Death

This article here will discuss Tomaso Schena death cause. His family confirmed the death of the Artist on Friday. 

Tomaso Schena was a well-known artist based in Southern New Hampshire and the Haverhill area of Massachusetts.

He was known for his portraiture work, which could often be seen being created in various establishments around the area. His artwork could also be found hanging in many establishments in the region.

Schena was a beloved figure in the area known for his infectious smile and ability to bring happiness to those around him. His passing has left many people mourning his loss.

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Obituary: Tomaso Schena Death Cause

According to the funeral memorial, Tomas Schena is survived by his daughters Elayne Tovet and Beverly Sullivan, his grandkids Derek Walsh and Colleen Blanchard, and his great-granddaughters Laurel, Lyla, and Amanda Walsh.

His sisters, Rose Nesta, and Frances Barbaro, are also among those he leaves behind.

The news of the Artist’s death has devastated people, and many are trying to confirm it as they believe it may be a hoax. However, the sad reality is that the Artist has passed away and is no longer with us.

Due to the limited information about the Artist’s death, people are confused and want to learn more about him.

Schena's work as an artist on wheels has helped to foster a sense of community in Haverhill.
Schena’s work as an artist on wheels has helped to foster a sense of community in Haverhill. (Image Source: WMUR)

They are likely seeking additional details about his life, work, and contributions to the artistic community.

The Artist, Tomaso Schena, was a private person who focused on his career and did not share much information about himself publicly. As a result, limited information about him has always been available to the public.

Did The Haverhill Artist Tomaso Schena Die Of Diabetes?

Renowned Haverhill artist, Tomaso Schena, has passed away, leaving behind a legacy in the art world.

The information surrounding his death remains unclear, but circulating information suggests he may have passed away due to complications from diabetes.

Schena’s contributions to the art world have been significant, and his passing is a great loss to the community.

He was a master of the craft, and his work was celebrated for its intricate details and striking visuals. His art captured the essence of the human experience and left a lasting impression on those privileged to view it.

While the news of his death has left many in shock and disbelief, Schena’s impact on the art world will be felt for generations. Schena’s legacy will continue to inspire and influence the artistic community for years.

In 2013, Mayor James Fiorentini of Haverhill named Tomaso Schena as the Artist of the Month.
In 2013, Mayor James Fiorentini of Haverhill named Tomaso Schena the Artist of the Month. (Image Source: Facebook)

Tomaso Schena’s work was a testament to his creativity, talent, and passion for his craft.

The Artist’s ability to capture the essence of the people he meets and portray them in his artwork earned him much admiration and respect in the community.

The caricatures he created of Mayor Fiorentini himself, displayed in the Mayor’s Office, are a testament to his ability to capture the unique personality traits of his subjects.

Mayor James Fiorentini of Haverhill announced Schena as the Artist of the Month in 2013, recognizing his incredible talent in creating bright and captivating caricatures.

Schena’s work was widely praised for its unique style and intricate details, making him a standout artist within Haverhill’s thriving art community.

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