Tony Scott Top Gun director suicide

Famous Hollywood action director Tony Scott Killed Himself Jumping Off L.A. Bridge. The director’s untimely death shocked his fans, and they wanted to check on his suicide note.

Scott, 68, tragically passed away on 19 August 2012, and his case was investigated for two months.

His case was ruled out as suicide following two months of investigation till October of the same year. 

In 2012, Scott’s death news shocked the entire entertainment industry after it was released to the media. 

The talented English director and producer became highly successful in action for his unique directing style. Also, the director loved the action genre more than others.

Moreover, the late director envisioned iconic blockbusters over some time. He mainly received the spotlight for his incredible vision for Top Gun. 

Present some interesting and unique facts about the late director — Enemy of the State director Tony Scott made his directorial debut at sixteen with his elder brother Ridley Scott. 

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Tony Scott Killed Himself Jumping Off L.A. Bridge

Famous English director Tony Scott, 68, killed himself on 19 August 2012 by jumping off the L.A. Bridge.

The Vincent Thomas Bridge, where the director jumped off, is in San Pedro, California. Scott’s death cause was verified two months after he died. 

A passerby spotted Scott jumping off the bridge. The local immediately called 911, but the director died when help reached his way. 

The dead body of the action director was recovered from the water. 

The late director reached wonders and became a household name after giving his mega-hit Top Gun, starring Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis.

Tony Scott Top Gun director with Tom Cruise
Tony Scott, Top Gun director, with famous Actor Tom Cruise. (Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

Both the A-list celebrities mourned their director’s loss, saying, 

My dear friend Tony, I will really miss you. Scott was a creative and visionary whose mark on film-making is beyond my words.

I feel sorry for his family at this time and my deepest sympathy and thoughts are with them.

Cruise tried to match the sentiments of Scott’s family, who were grieving his loss. 

Many facts, including his suicide note before death, also hinted at the director’s matching of dramatic style to a high-adrenaline ending. 

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Tony Scott Suicide 

Before his death, director Tony Scott left a suicide note in his car and office. He jumped from the Vincent Thomas Bridge in San Pedro, California, at about 12:30 pm.

Tony Scott Top Gun director suicide bridge
Top Gun director Tony Scott jumped off the L.A. bridge and killed himself in August 2012. (Source: Daily Mail)

Scott’s suicide note had written names and phone numbers for his family.

His last note was meant for his family and the officials investigating his death.

Reportedly, Scott didn’t want to trouble the investigating officers to spend more time on his suicide, as his note was also intended for the officials.

Sadly, one of the most incredible action directors, Scott, is still missed. RIP, Top Gun legend! 

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