Top G Arrested

Get updated on Top G’s arrested, who was reportedly arrested in Romania along with his brother.

Celebrities have been reacting to the arrest of Andrew Tate; he has been the most searched person on the Internet recently.

Tate is a British-American influencer who gained popularity through his YouTube channel showcasing his extravagant lifestyle; he has been in the limelight recently for many controversial opinions and a misogynistic mindset.

On December 29, the Romanian news website revealed that Romanian authorities had allegedly raided Tate’s home because of accusations of being involved in the kidnapping of two girls.

So, Tate and his brother were officially involved and presented when his House was raided, and both have been arrested since.

Along with their arrest, many celebrities and fam has been reacting to the news about Tate’s arrest. Read more about the hashtag Top G and Free the Top G.

Top G Arrested: What Is “Free The Top G”?

Top G and Free the Top G has been a hashtag of Tate fans who wants him to be accessible for what he has been inside for.

Along with many fam and followers of Tate, The 22-year-old streamer Adin Ross was unhappy with the detention. He took to Twitter to express his disappointment and urged the concerned members to free him as soon as possible.

He has followed Free, the top G hashtags, and many well-known people. Tate has many haters and many followers who genuinely support him for who he is.

Dillon Danis and Jake Shields also turned to Twitter in favor of the accused influencer and started the trend 'free the Top G'.
Dillon Danis and Jake Shields also turned to Twitter in favor of the accused influencer and started the trend ‘free the Top G’. (Image Source: Twitter)

The hashtag started on December 30, following his arrest on December 29. Not only his followers but his haters have also been following the news and have been posting Tweets.

Hasan’ HasanAbi’ Piker, an ordinary person from Twitter, also digs at Tate by referring to his recent feud with climate activist Greta Thunberg. The most-watched Twitch streamer from the U.S. claimed, “every time this dude goes against someone who pushes back even slightly, he ends up making an absolute fool of himself” continuing the tweet, he stated that the kickboxer is also witnessing the repercussions now.

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Celebrities React To Andrew Tate Arrest

Various media personalities and sports celebrities reacted to Twitter and posted their reactions to Tate’s arrest in Romania for human trafficking.

Following this, the American rapper Cardi B turned to Twitter and tweeted her reaction, writing “well well well” and sharing news regarding his arrest since the comment well well well is used in sarcasm.

A Tweet from American rapper Cardi B, following Andrew Tate Arrest.
A Tweet from American rapper Cardi B following Andrew Tate’s Arrest. (Image Source: Twitter)

Along with other celebrities, Dillon Danis and Jake Shields also turned to Twitter in favor of Tate and started the trend ‘free the Top G.’

Jake Shields also took an interest in the case and added First; they try to silence you. If that fails, they throw you in jail, and as a final option, they will kill you.

Some of them seem happy about his arrest following the kidnapping of two girls, and some seem disappointed and have been sticking to the hashtag “Free the Top G.”

Still, more information about his arrest is yet to come out; people have not given up on the hashtag and have supported him since he was arrested.

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